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After seeing the discussion around the political system with multiple viewpoints, I have decided to create a survey so everyone here can have a say and have their voice heard, and to do so anonymously.

Some things of note before you take it:

1. Be polite and be coherent. Just a reminder
2. Take it only once.
3. When answering the open-ended questions, number or put blank lines between individual points/reasons/etc you make. It makes it easier for me to read and collect the data.
4. After at least 3 days, I will start to take a look at the data to find the most common answers among questions. This will happen at the latest this weekend. I will post my findings on another thread. I will attempt to be as transparent and concise as possible.
5. If anyone wants to see all the individual responses, contact me on here or on Discord at TheCreatorT#6526.
6. Reply to this thread only if you have questions or need clarification. This is not meant to be a discussion thread.

Click here to take the Survey
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