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*Posters are hanged around taverns and cities, stating that a tailor wants an Apprentice.*

"Hello... My name is Anthony Hawkgale and I've realized the shortages of tailors, I am in search of someone who can create robes, jackets, and pants for they will be used by the community, for everyone who wants armor. Yet their will be a price. If you are interested contact Anthony Hawgale who will be near the Sonaris Forge.

OOC Section: (Use Parentheses when talking in OOC.) So basically I thought we can "patch up" AKA edit skins for the community. So if you want to help then just meet up with Anthony, showing him the poster. C; Im doing this for the community. C:


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(Who taught you to make clothes all the sudden? No hate btw I think this is a really good idea
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\ said:
(Thanks, I should also add in my backstory that he was a tailor for the village, making clothes.... Like a slave.)
(Aaaahh ok. I would help with this but unfortunetly the skins I make are atrocious. XD )
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*A letter arrives at Anthony*

Hello sir Anthony.

I really want to learn how to make clothing.

I know the basics of Sewing and Knitting. And i really want to learn more.

Kind regards

-Bella Antonia


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*A letter is sent back.*

Hello Lady Bella,

If you want to learn more about how to patch up clothes and make clothing.

Meet me near the forge in Sonaris.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Hawkgale.

(I have to do something today, and I don't really know when I will get back.)


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(Bhaic has been and always will be a tailor. Every one of his clothes are made by himself. This has been stated several times ICly and OOCly by myself and Bhaic. So there is more tailors than you think.)

A young Lirram girl runs up to Anthony, panting as she stops in front of him. She takes a moment to gather her breath, then shuffles through her messenger bag as she says to him ,"I have a letter for you, sir. It's from Bhaic Dahman!" she hands the letter over in a rush, and hurries away somewhere else, obviously busy.

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