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Postprandial Somnolence (Event Teaser 2) (1 Viewer)


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The flesh has had its way.. now for the mind to have its due...

The sounds that resonated in the chamber finally reached an end, silence now engulfing the darkness. Only one of itself was capable of peering through the veil lazily in a panoramic survey. Trails of smoke still escaped from the streaks of stone now vaporized. There was a struggle between the body and the mind as it eyed both the crimson stained walls that inflamed its senses, but its thoughts lulled over the true meal it had acquired. They couldn't all be eaten, though it took great restraint to hold back its tongue as it encircled the petrified forms of those spared death. Its gazes closed as it delved into the banquet that lay before them.

The meal was titillating to its being, so much presented of varying flavors and texture, it was almost impossible to find a point to start. It consumed the geography of the undermountains, it dined upon the races and their histories, it pinched offed slices of metallurgy and crystalline enchantments but kept its main dish empty for more. These were the spoils of its exploration, and with every bite it praised its ingenuity and intellect for following the door. For now it had presented a cornucopia without end for the glutenous intelligence.

Yet even from here, it could sense more meals beyond this relatively constricted cell. For these it would require its influence expanded if it wished to dip into the delicatessen that was beyond its reach. Though it was of greatest luck the pattern upon the floor was still in tact. It would require some modifications, but it wouldnt take much before it savored the ambrosia that it salivated at the thought of tasting.

But for now, it lowered itself upon the cold earth, a wide grin forming upon its face as it lulled over all that it had the pleasure of experiencing, and the greater treats that awaited it soon after.

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