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PrepareForDoug's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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(I'm posting this for Doug under the administrator dogbew's permission, because Doug's forum account has effectively gone fubar.)


Ban Appeal

Forum Name: Wyydor

Banned MC Account(s): PrepareForDoug / DougHasArrived / Glaktik

Reason for ban: Continued harassment of players

Date of Ban: June 3rd, 2016, 1:35PM




As much as this ban appeal may sound ironic, it is not meant to be whatsoever.


  Upon the day of 5/3/16, I decided to be a funny guy and post a rather belittling comment on my profile wall about a player’s choice of character. I am unsure if this person wants to be known, so I won’t mention them in this appeal, though I am very sure most of the staff knows who it was. Because of this comment, and the long RP hiatus I was already on, my forum account was moved to the ‘unwhitelisted’ permission. This upset me a bit, so I further approached this player on Skype and continued provoking them with comments about their character. Of course, this led me to getting barred from the Aethier community, and blocked on Skype by this person.

  And so, for the next few weeks I sat down in a Skype group chat and watched what was going on in the Aethier server. As expected, I did not allow my mad man memes to cease at one offense towards the Aethier community.


  A great deal of drama had stirred within the server about a certain player’s character not receiving a cosmetic change because of alleged staff bias, or so that is what I had gathered from what I read in the before-mentioned Skype chat. I went to this person’s Skype and messaged them: “hey i can get u [Cosmetic Change Here]” Because this comment was completely caustic and horribly timed, I realize the stress it may have caused the player in question.


  Many weeks after this, I log into one of my shared accounts, Glaktik, to connect to an old server I played on, and I see Aethier on my server list. Before this day, I had never seen my ban reason, so I connect to Aethier and find that the account I’m currently playing on is not banned. I run around the map for a bit, then eventually get booted off the server for accessing it via an alternate account.


  I would like to return to Aethier for multiple reasons, namely the fact Aethier nurtured the rapid growth of my RP quality, and hosts a quality environment that can allow me to reunite with friends and old characters I once RPed with.


 I acknowledge my actions were not wise and have caused more stress than they did anything else. No matter the result of this appeal, I’d like to apologize to those I’ve harassed and ridiculed throughout my time on Aethier.


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Appologies for the extremely long delay on this. We will have a response to this appeal tonight


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Hello Doug!


We've reviewed your appeal and come to the decision that you will be granted access back into our server! The only conditions to your unbanning is that you will be on a 30-day "Last Warning" status wherein if you break any of our Code of Conduct Rules in that time period you will be immediately banned without warning. Welcome back to the community and we hope to see you in game soon!

If you have any issues getting into the server please contact any staff member in TeamSpeak or on the forums for further assistance.

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