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After her mentor expressed his permission, Krianna rose and walked towards the supplicant's stand. The dark elf set the end of her staff against the woodwork. She exhales deeply and begins to find her center. Duty and worry are pressed to the edges of her mind. The Alchemist filters her will and reaches down inside of her being. She visualizes the experience to be similar to visiting a well. The delicate creature reaches deep inside of her being. She grasps for the power and the energy contained inside of her person. The Spark is contacted. A small portion of the woman's essence begins to rise out of its place of rest. Krianna will call out the foundation. The affair felt like an eternity. Yet Elf Maid did not have the time to measure and weigh rising surge's answer to her wish. The power leaped inside of her catalyst. She compels the Mana inside of her casting instrument to make contact the foundation. From the Elfess' staff, the power flows percolates inside the timber's essence.

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Across the timber, the dark elf gingerly draws her catalyst' southward terminus. Where it touches the material, the implement's energies seep inside of the wood. The young woman brings the tool towards the west. In its wake, a straight, luminous horizontal line follows. From East to West, the shimmering red fledgling glyph stretches a few inches. The unfinished articles decorates platform.

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Following this action, Krianna will lift the stave. She moves it an inch or so forward. After which, the patient artisan brings the staff along a diagonal course. A peak height is selected. Afterward, the dark elf reflects its opposition direction. Whilst sustaining her spell, the Smith will continue to fuse her mana inside of the wood. She will establish a series of connected upturned vees.

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To complete the glyph, the young woman will relocate her staff another finish inches above said feature. The tender individual will repeat her previous effort. She brings one diagonal line up to a zenith. Once finished, she will descend down to mirror the previous ray. After completing her spell, Krianna will don a blindfold and demonstrate her capacity to locate the marking. Under normal circumstances, the dark elf would be wandering in circles. In this case, she is able to walk a straight line to her destination.


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