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And after the duel was settled and she watched Umaroth storm into the smithy, enraged at Vultog once again, Reina moved to the market to go look for something that might cheer her up. She didn't think it was fair that Uma had to endure so much from one person who didn't appear to deserve her. It reminded her of how she went through so much from Chiara, but she did it quietly so that she could go on in peace. So the syrien traded for a bouquet of lillies, a precious flower that grew by and sometimes on the water. They were a reminder of her home in the sea, and how she embraced it as part of who she was. After placing them in a vase of water, she moved to hop the smithy counter to place the vase in a good place, where Umaroth could find them later on. But she left a small note on folded up parchment with it. It was written in Common and was in awful handwriting but it was legible enough to be deciphered. And it read:

I know you're upset, and I'm sorry for not following after you. But I still think you deserve better than you receive right now. I'm here for you if you need anything, and I'll do my damnedest to put him in his place next sept for his behavior toward you. But hope these help brighten up your day and your mood, as they remind me of home out in the sea since they grow by water. -R

After setting it up on the counter, she moved to take her leave from the smithy area to go prepare for the duel. Reina hoped the flowers might help Umaroth whenever she came back around after calming down. Someone needed to be there for her, so she figured it had to be her. She had tried to make Vultog see, but only time would tell if her words did anything for him at all at this point. All she was concerned with now was training in preparation for the duel. She had no plans of letting him win without one Hell of a fight in the process.



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The Orcess would indeed return after a time, looking more stone faced than ever, but would pause upon seeing the flowers, her jaw tightening as she had an idea who they were from until she saw the note...upon reading it she would only frown, glancing to the plants for a time, staring at them without much love of plants, to which she never held...but would look them over blankly, touching their petals as if they might break from her mere presence.

Her eyes would go hollow as she read over the note again, finally coming to the choice of moving the pot over to the side where the head of the furnace would not hurt them...letting them stay there for a time she supposed. Letting the note burn in the fire she would return upstairs, but did not throw the flowers away...no, she would not throw something soft aside again...for she had lost something that once was...


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