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((The following message would be left for King João de Tãvor with the person(s) who handle his letters.))

A Servant’s Humble Plea and Letter to the Esteemed Lord João de Tãvora, King of Verseiva

King João de Tãvora,

Firstly, I must express my gratitude for your reading this letter and allowing my inconsequential words captivate your esteemed and valuable attentions, for I am but a servant of little import. There is great benevolence in granting your valuable time to one such as myself. I am truly in your debt.

I am Alistair, a former butler and servant of the Bourdois family. While their name and deeds have long been forgotten, in part due to their relocation to the wilds of the swampland, I dutifully served and respected my lord and later the young master for many formative years of my youth. Unfortunately, madness and illness ripped my lordship and young master from my life, and the raw wound left behind has long lingered in mine soul.

I humbly write to you to plead for your charity and good will in allowing me to reside and reclaim the Bourdois Manor that falls within your lands. I apologize for the brashness of this request, especially since by simply reading these words, you have shown great kindness and hospitality. It is my desire to rebuild my lord’s manor and restore it to the former glory and beauty it once held, so that I may continue the caretaking of the estate in my old age. This duty has embedded itself in my soul, and in my later years, I now yearn to return to my roots there.

I am, of course, happy to give fealty, tithe, or fee as your lordship sees fit, should you be as magnanimous and as altruistic as to give a simple servant allowance to restore and reside upon these lands. I am a man of duty and a retainer at heart, and I am more than willing and pleased to do as you see fit as recompense for this audacious request.

May the powers that be bless you and your rule.

Your humble and faithful servant,



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(Hi! Can you elaborate on this oocly so I have a better idea of what this request is in reference to icly? Thanks!)


( Thanks for the reply, and no problem, I figured it'd need explanation but didn't want to put a ton of OOC in the main post! OOCly, I'm mainly looking for permission to have events in the swamp involving an abandoned, dilapidated and potentially cursed manor and exploring/rebuilding it. Kinda horror/Darkest Dungeon vibes. Being able to call it the character's residence ICly would also be nice, though I'm not on the up and up for land processes.

Currently there is no actual manor. If he can get permission, I plan on building a ruined manor on the creative server for potential events. Feel free to add me on discord if you wanna talk there as well. Best Cat NA #4294 or Kronch on Aethier discord.)
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