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{Private} An Old Friend Returns (1 Viewer)


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This letter would be promptly brought to the Castle in Highmeadow a short while after Cove's admission into the Spirit Tree Hospital. It is written in Heilig with slightly messy handwriting. It would be addressed to only Konig Avel Maddoc, and it'd read:
Konig Avel Maddoc,
Old friend, it certainly has been a while since I've heard your name. I wish to see you when you're not busy. I'll be in the Spirit Tree Hospital for a short while, at least. I want you to know, I followed Dauro up North. I don't think he made it. Some other things happened that kept me up there, but I'm back now. Please fill me in on everything that's happened, I look forward to seeing you.

Yours truly,

Covaphrone Volnif


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One of Krianna's careful composed letters accompanies the missive Covaphrone gave her to grant a courier. It bears all of the refinements and security features typical to her letters.

Dear Teacher,

The patient, Miss Covaphrone or Cove, arrived inside a state of poor health. She had an arrow inside of her person. The wound was infected. The Arch Druidess handle the infection. I extracted the arrow and provided wound care. At present, our patient's knee is quite bruised. She is not fit to travel for several days. On her arrival, she had cursory complications of dehydration and poor nutrition. Miss Cove indicated she had attacked inside of the north. All of her possessions were taken. She stated something a group beginning with a Z for their name. The ordeal appears have been quite traumatic. If you could make your way to the hospital, it would be appreciated. I know you are a busy man. I can bring her to you once she can place pressed on her knee. I hope our letters find you well and inside of good humor.

Your pupil,
Krianna B. Alum

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