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Not!Syrien Shaman

Ever since bonding with her spirit, Reina has found herself learning more and more about what was going on with her than what she could see on the surface. She picked up from Ivar that she could do something most could not, which lead to weeks of the syrien trying to find her merge before becoming successful. And even then, it took a while before she could grasp how she did it exactly. Initially, she'd found that when she managed to merge, coral grew from the skin of her hands. This had left her quite stumped for a bit as to what her spirit intended her to do with it. It was only until she'd spoken with Hyssir'larhaa about it that she found its purpose and was confirmed that what she'd met was indeed a spirit, not a divine as she'd automatically assumed at first. But in her faith, the spirits were under strict guidance of the pantheon, so in a way, they were a form of lesser divines in her own eyes. So these things she could do- Reina saw as a form of divine blessing, even if they really weren't of the actual gods. It was a belief she held and was fairly quiet about as it was better to be humble than anything else. So the syrien spent her time practicing with what she could do, and even having tattoos inked into her skin to aid in her practice with it. She felt pride for what she was practicing when others weren't watching, and she wished nothing more than to show her mother. She was walking in Rheaie's footsteps in a way, just as she walked in Asgeir's as well. Reina was definitely their daughter and she walked with the fire of her parents, while she put her own spin on things to add a touch of uniqueness. Anyone who knew where she'd come from could possibly have seen her parents in her. She was a dreamer who held high ambitions she wished to pursue to bring the honor that came with being Avaltan by culture and a Piscaes by blood. She sought to make her loving parents proud to have had her more than anything. With the heartache she felt, she focused upon her work and thought of her mother, how Rheaie would comfort her and tell her there was other, better people. Somehow, she really wanted to hear those things from her, to receive her support during this difficult time in her life. Perhaps she might visit with family soon and just let someone in instead of letting herself stew with hurt and anger, even though she might never forgive them. Maybe she'd go pay Uncle Thaddeus a visit soon, as he was one of her only family members she could talk to about what had been going on for some time now. But for the moment, she focused on the moment, her work, and practicing her newfound abilities so she better knew how to use them later on. She might need them at the next pillar she was at to support her fellow northerners.

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