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The following letter would find itself into the hands of Finn Patzer and no other, via a Syrien courier from the Sunken City. It would be marked by the Galanis seal, with a wax as softly colored as sea foam.

Dearest Brother,

Though I consider it unlikely that this news would otherwise reach your landlegs with any modem of speed, I pen this letter with haste so that it might be your first indication of this knowledge.

Following an urgent call to the east, our father has cede his authority of the Sunken City to myself. Given the thoroughness of his instructions and the means by which he departed, I consider his leave of absence with a degree of permanency that, admittedly, frightens me.

I’m sure by now you have anticipated the jist of my request -- that you return home and assist in the arrangement of the affairs of Atargatis. You have a mind for these things, brother, and have always been far more observant than myself when it comes to matters of state. I do not mean to sound ungrateful or tepid at the notion of kingship, but the prospect of leading the undersea alone, and so suddenly, seems like an insurmountable task.

I realize all the reluctance that may come from this request on your part. However, I dearly hope that you might put your quarrels with our absent father aside for this matter so important to me, the house of Galanis, and the legacy we might build.

I remain

Yours most affectionately,




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Sitting at his desk, Finn reads the letter over with a degree of surprise. His father gone without any kind of warning? That set off alarms in Finn's mind. Still, he had a duty to his brother that he would not shirk.


I'll be home soon.

- C


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