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A simple letter is delivered to one, Finn Patzer. It bears distinct blue ribbon pressed encompassed inside of a rusty orange portion of wax. Three of the four loops of this article feature heart-shaped pressings. The southern end simply crosses the others. Every element of the presentation is equidistant. The whole piece is vertically symmetrical. The small loops provide the recipient with an easy spot to open the letter. When unsealed, such a demure assembly is too difficult to be counterfeited or package. A purposeful tug will separate the wax and the stationary. This missive is clearly addressed to the desired individual. It reads," Deliver to Finn Patzer." The script is artful, but readily legible. It accompanies a similarly prepared and labeled parcel.

Within, the documents intended recipient can spectate an exquisite personal crest. The feminine heraldic device sports a lozenge. Said item's outline is a firm black stain. North to South aligned argent lozenges dress the edges of the symbol. A rich Or border captures and frames the piece. Positioned inside of the field, there is a black bloomery. From it, there arises a great cinnabar phoenix. An orange stained collection of flames lick up along its belly. From the field, a black bloomery arises. Gilded flames melt and lap from the stomach of the blast furnace. The remainder of the crest is dominated by a great sanguine Phoenix. Inside the beast's talons, the monster grips a black hammer. A delicate opening appears where the phoenix's beak opens. The blue ribbon appears to have been laced through it.

Dear Apprentice,

I have finished listing, composing, and revising the first glossary for your edification. Inside the accompanying parcel, you will find the first edition of our shared glossary. As time progresses, I shall add to the existing documentation and issue you new copies. Please read through the contents of the glossary. Attempt to familiarize yourself to the definitions contained inside of its page. If you have any questions, please write or approach me to communicate them. I have begun to finalize my upcoming lesson plan.

Krianna B. Alum

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At his temporary home in Tyr'Arien, Finn would receive the elegant letter and parcel. Hesitant to risk ruining such a presentation, he'd admire it for minutes before finally unsealing the envelope, revealing the letter within. His eyes scanning the quality of the paper before the words, he'd make quick work of reading the document. A smile breaking out on his face as he realized what the parcel contained.

Taking the parcel reverently, he'd unlace the blue ribbon the Phoenix held. Delicately opening the wrappings to reveal the documents within.

He began pouring over them immediately, intent on offering his heartfelt thanks at their next meeting.

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