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Come the morning, Krianna will tuck a letter below Apollyon's door. She will press the article through the gap. A small stick is used to make it clears its way through the immediate path of the door. The envelope and the missive bear all of the usual tampering detector seals and the artistry of Krianna's work.

Dear Herr Apollyon,

I apologize. I am electing to bring ill news to your attention. As of late, a dwarven transient is making a stir inside of High Meadow's square. You have made his acquaintance. This individual is the one Herr Klaus planned to shoot inside of the last disturbance. Since then, there have been two additional incidents. I am not entirely sure of the details of one or the other. He appears to be troubling guests, wayfarers, and residences alike. Could you please speak to him, Herr Klaus, a red-headed, cyclopean elven woman, Queen De Noctis, Mister Orjuus, and any other relevant parties? I would be grateful if you could resolve this matter and avert street justice. It seems the fellow is intent upon continuing his heckling and choleric behaviors. I lack a complete and clear insight towards what has occurred.

Krianna B. Alum.
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