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A letter in a bottle would find its way to the ruined castle of Atargatis, having been given to one of the guards to be given to the Lord Steward at their earliest convenience. Reina had written it once she'd gotten to land and dried off long enough to write it. The letter was written in Common, but the handwriting was awful. Despite this, its writing was legible to make out what was written on the rolled up parchment within the corked bottle. So after having dropped it off, Reina was back into the depths of the waters for fear she were to run into Erik again after having run away from him twice already. Upon being opened and read, it read:

I write to you because I don't know who else to speak to anymore. I've been trying to stay away from the emotional issues I've been experiencing as of late, thinking perhaps space and time would do me a lot of good. Chiara's courted is adamant on finding out why I don't want to be near him and I found myself running from him across Highmeadow just to get away. It just- It hurts me to have to constantly try to evade questions from Erik and Chiara alike, though I've been fortunate to have not had to be near the latter. Emotions are an odd battleground, one that I cannot use a blade to fight upon. I write to you because even with little information from us, you seemed accepting of the odd relationship Chiara and I had in a way. I'm under the impression that the rest of the family weren't going to be so accepting of such and Chiara was set on not letting them know about it, as we were never officially courting. Maybe you might have some insight to this sort of situation that I've not thought of yet. I just feel the need to talk to someone about it, and still have my privacy to grieve a love I've lost. I don't wish to tell Erik about this for the sake of of my own privacy in the healing process. Chiara chose him in the end, so it shouldn't really concern him what I'm going through right now. I'll come by to visit soon, as I have some loose ends to tie first beforehand, to talk about this with you if you'll accept my visit.



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*The letter being delivered in such an unorthodox way, the King of Atargatis would have little way to respond to the request. However, he’d stow the note in his desk and keep about his business in the sunken city, awaiting Reina’s arrival to speak.*

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