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A swift letter would be sent by the way of courier to the White Palace immediately after Reina's departure from the Spirit Tree. It was written in her best handwriting in Elven and would be addressed to both King Perise and Queen Ishani de Noctis. And it read:

King Perise and Queen Ishani de Noctis of Folset,

Your nobleman, who I presume to be Tybalt Rhett as that's what Seraphina called him and he seemed too friendly not to be a lover or spouse, has come to the Spirit Tree, antagonized an orc, and then refused to listen to Vitae and Aelingali, two Ascended, when told to leave and allow them to handle the situation their way as it is the holy grounds of Arvora. So he has proceeded to then not comply with authority's orders to him and is proceeding to impose laws of Folset upon another outside Folset lands. This is unjust and inappropriate behavior from a nobleman to show such disrespect to the Ascended within their lands. I'm writing to inform of this witnessed behavior and in hopes that it is corrected. I don't have the full story, so feel free to get that from the Ascended if you need it, but inappropriate behavior from a noble is important enough to prompt me to reach out to you. I was a first-hand witness, as I urged the man to leave and obey the instructions of the Ascended. I apologize for any inconveniences, and I thank you for your time.

Reina (Queen Ishani is familiar with me!)

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As the Queen read the letter she leaned back in her seat, a bundle cradled in her arms that she rocked gently. Her lips pressed together and she passed it to her husband who was caring for the other twin, both becoming frustrated by the news. Reina would not receive a responding letter, but the courier was sent back should she want at least an acknowledgement that the King and Queen both read the letter.

((Apologies for a late response. Brent went to Italy and I was camping, but I'm back!!!))

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