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Reina went home to Hundabaeli after all was said and done and penned up a letter to send to Verseiva. Quince had been of the curse from the looks of it, so she figured she likely lived down that way anyhow. So she wrote up a letter in her usual handwriting, being a bit messy but legible enough to decipher after a bit of effort. Reina wasn't one for neat handwriting due to most of her work being jobs that didn't require it, so she wasn't well-practiced in writing legibly. But it was written in Common and sent via courier to Camara de Lobos to find a Quince Jain along with a description of her appearance. And it read, should it find its recipient:

The lad who went into the door showed up again later on after you'd left. It looked like he was asleep and unharmed, but he seemed to lack any knowledge of the door's interior. If you wish to seek him out, I'm sure you can locate him better than me. His name was Finn and the lad who stood by you seemed to know him better than I do. Simply writing to tell you he came out of the door and is alive as he was prior to the incident. If you find out anything about this door, do let me and my Jarl know, if you would be so kind. We're looking into it as much as we can as to find the root of the issue to weed out if we can. The door appears to warp around the east side of the continent and leaves its victims with similar results. If you plan to track down this door's next place, exercise caution because whatever it is, it's dangerous in nature if nobody has a clear memory of it.

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