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To the The Reiklander Council, under the rulership of good King Avel Von Maddoc,

Our two nations stand upon common ground: we seek a peace between our peoples that will usher in a new age of both security and prosperity in the realms of man. While this is the outcome we all desire it cannot be reached without addressing the past differences you wish to be set aside: The acts of your predecessors, in this world and the old, have soured the relations between our lands. In order for our lands to truly be at peace, the persecution, exploitation, and murder of Vallah of your predecessors must be condemned, and its continuation outlawed. Once, and only once, the inexorable rights and humanity of Vallah are recognized by the laws and Crown of the Reiklands, will our nations be able to mend their difference.

The letter is signed in a deep black ink:


The letter is sealed with gray wax stamped with royal sigil of the Verseivan Crown.



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Though the letter was addressed to the court and sent to Goslynn, it eventually made its way into the hands of the Konig. He read its contents and then began thinking about the response as the news of Joao's involvement surprised him. He had once lived in Verseivan territory and Naviera territory in the previous world. Often interacting with Joao, even showing Queen Freydis how to smith and later become an avid professional. He had connections to the two that were non-political. Though, Avel knew that a decision of this matter would not go over well in the council, as they were still very like-minded to the ways of the old Kurfurst. After days of contemplation, and discussions with a few from whom he sought advice, the man finally sat down at his desk to pen a response to the foreign Rei.

Rei de Tavora,

It has been some time since I last heard from you when your son had begun his rulership, I had thought you dead. I am glad that is not the case and you stand well enough to send your letter. A time of peace and prosperity between our nations is something I can wholeheartedly agree to. Vallah, like any other citizen of the Reikland, should not be subjected to unprovoked violence. We stand over a political culture that formerly demonizes the curse just like the former Empire. I would like to meet with you in person to further discuss your wishes and the notions that could be put in place.



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