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To All Spirit Hospital Contributors,

Miss Niolasse was brought to us. I found her inside of our long term care room. I heard her moaning but found her out of action. She had extensive wounds to her hands and arms. These were fourth and three-degree burns. Attempts to use healing magic were employed and failed. Mister Patzer, Lord Tiberius, and were forced to amputate the patient's arms. We removed everything below the elbow. The wounds received cauterizing, proper alchemicals, and bandaging. She was returned to the long term care room. Miss Niolasse will need assistance through her daily life. Her arms have been set aside for later use. I suspect I can use for them for a reagent to assist her provided the proper herbs come inside of my possession. If anyone has any other ideas, please put them forward.

Krianna B. Alum



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Aelin would read over the report with care, frowning at the description of the injuries, before signing off on the report as being completed, and would schedule time to visit the woman to discuss her future, and possible help for her. A notice of thanks would be given to those who helped in her treatment. Signed by the Druidess.

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