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The envelope features a distinct blue ribbon pressed below a rusty orange portion of wax. With the exception of the south, each of the cardinal directions features a looped heart shape. The southern terminus hosts simple crossing of the ends. The presentation is both equidistant and vertically symmetrical. Each end of the ribbon is tactfully tailored to ease the opening process. When unsealed, such a demure assembly is too difficult to be counterfeited. A gentle tug can cleanly separate the wax and the stationary. To alleviate any lingering confusion, the letter bears delicate yet readily legible script. The exterior of the letter reads: "Deliver to Avel and Eleanora Maddoc, König and Königin."

Within, the documents intended recipient can spectate an exquisite personal crest. The feminine heraldic device sports a lozenge. Said item's outline is a firm black stain. North to South aligned argent lozenges dress the edges of the symbol. A rich Or border captures and frames the piece. Positioned inside of the field, there is a black bloomery. From it, there arises a great cinnabar phoenix. An orange stained collection of flames lick up along its belly. From the field, a black bloomery arises. Gilded flames melt and lap from the stomach of the blast furnace. The remainder of the crest is dominated by a great sanguine Phoenix. Inside the beast's talons, the monster grips a black hammer. A delicate opening appears where the phoenix's beak opens. The blue ribbon appears to have been laced through it.

Dear Konig Avel Von Maddoc and Königin Eleanora,

The Mandaraz Confederacy experienced a serious Rahkatari incursion. First, I find it disconcerting an army of serpent men materialized out of the desert and had an organized fleet. Second, it appears one of your citizens was caught inside of the fray. These serpent men executed two coordinated attacks against the eastward port of Tikhameru. The naval component of the attack was defeated. The seaward victory cost the Mandarazi the majority of their fleet and many lives. Tikhameru's fleet appears to not bear cannonade, but their feats of arms delivered the day. The landbound assault appears to have overwhelmed the defenders. Amongst these combatants, Sir Klaus can be counted. I am unsure what his present fate is. Emir Dahan suggested he was possibly captured. In light these matters, Queen De Noctis has indicated her intention to speak to her husband and offer the Confederacy aid.

Krianna B. Alum

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