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Septs following the talent show, a courier of generic appearance made their way toward the keep in Tyr'Arien. The courier held in his arms a small puppy with a teal ribbon around its neck, tied in a bow at the back like a gift. And upon reaching the keep doorway, he spoke out and said he had a delivery for a Lady Chiara Dawn-Lyren, and he was given orders to hand deliver it to the lady personally to make sure that it got to her. Reina had planned it out precisely in her spare time between all the various things on her plate at the current moment in time. Wherever she was, she hoped this gift wouldn't go to waste. So the courier would offer the Spotted Carriage Dog puppy and a letter once allowed to deliver them to Chiara personally. The letter would be sealed shut with teal wax, the stamped image of a seahorse looking to a bit of coral on it. And it was written in Elven, as she knew Chiara would be able to read it. And it read:

You said that home was really quiet and empty, so I hope this little one helps with that. This pup needs a lot of care and love, but I trust that they will find plenty of both in your household. Take care of yourself and this lovable creature.



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A letter arrived back to Reina some septs later. It had practiced calligraphy and seemed thoughtful in its execution.

Ma Reine,

It has been some time since we have last spoken, I wish we had gotten to share words longer. Tyr'Arien has only grown lonelier with the absence of everyone, but the handsome pup you have sent me has surely proven helpful in alleviating my loneliness. He reminds me of your freewill as he constantly sniffs about the keep as if always adventuring or looking for something or someone. I have yet to give him a proper name, perhaps you could help me with one? I always feel as if you outdo me at every moment. If I could be half the woman you are, then I would be twice the woman I am. Please write back soon, I miss your words dearly.

With the Warmest Gratitude,
Chiara Dawn-Lyren


Not!Syrien Shaman
And upon receiving Chiara's letter, Reina found herself weeping on the seat by the kitchen of her home like a small lass. She'd thought she'd finally gotten over her, that she'd finally been freed of the elven woman's influence at long last. She was pursuing another even, despite that she was vaguely reminded of Chiara when she saw Zena. The lass was pretty and seemed somewhat intelligent in her eyes, much like the lass she loved down south but would never have. Reina wanted to be free, but King Sideon Galanis' words haunted over her as she hurt a while longer. She wanted to believe that she could love a landwalker and it be alright, but with each heartache, she was starting to believe the man. Time only fooled Reina into thinking the wound didn't still sting from having lost Chiara, but she preferred to play ignorant and try to move past this. It was better to pretend to be alright for the sake of herself and those around her than to let those nearest to her see the cracks of her façade of strength and independence. That evening, the syrien Huskarl drank liquor to numb the pain until she passed out for the night. Next day, she'd have one Hell of a hangover, but it was nothing in comparison to the broken heart she nursed toward healing for so long. No letter would be sent back, for it caused too much pain.

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