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Septs following the talent show, a courier of generic appearance made their way toward the keep in Tyr'Arien. The courier held in his arms a small puppy with a teal ribbon around its neck, tied in a bow at the back like a gift. And upon reaching the keep doorway, he spoke out and said he had a delivery for a Lady Chiara Dawn-Lyren, and he was given orders to hand deliver it to the lady personally to make sure that it got to her. Reina had planned it out precisely in her spare time between all the various things on her plate at the current moment in time. Wherever she was, she hoped this gift wouldn't go to waste. So the courier would offer the Spotted Carriage Dog puppy and a letter once allowed to deliver them to Chiara personally. The letter would be sealed shut with teal wax, the stamped image of a seahorse looking to a bit of coral on it. And it was written in Elven, as she knew Chiara would be able to read it. And it read:

You said that home was really quiet and empty, so I hope this little one helps with that. This pup needs a lot of care and love, but I trust that they will find plenty of both in your household. Take care of yourself and this lovable creature.


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