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Reina went home immediately after having spoken with Thaddeus at the Spirit Tree. There was a lot on her mind and even more she needed to do. He was right and she hated it, but it didn't make her uncle any less right about what they spoke about. So she moved to pen up a letter to start fixing one of her many issues before she went back to training with the other shamen down south. So she wrote in her best Elven and signed the letter, sending it off with a courier to linger in Highmeadow by the tavern. They were given a name and description of the lass they were to find should she go there anytime soon. Reina only hoped that it made its way to her soon while she was working to better be useful in the midst of battle along with preparations should it go poorly. So it read:

With all the events going on around us in the world, I am hard at work on doing my part in stopping the Mistress of Chaos. But after I received some life advice, I have a question to ask of you, Chiara. But is it too late to take you up on your offer to travel with you wherever it is you are going? I had to think on it, but I think I'd like to accept your offer if it's not too late to. Send any letters back to Hundabaeli via this courier, who will wait and take an answer back at no cost to you. If you need me, I'm training for the battle but afterward, if I'm still breathing, I'd love to travel around with you. Pray for me, Chiara, as I might need all the luck I can get soon enough.



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A letter arrived back to Reina, it wasn't too long and was handed from the Highmeadow barkeep to the courier which was relayed to Reina.

It's never to late to take up my offer, but it seems I've already been chained somewhat. I'm currently on the floating-isle of Victus, helping with preparations from the war. I've curbed my dream of travelling the world for now to handle the potentially world-ending threat. I guess I was talked into my better sense of responsibility. If you want to visit that can be arranged. I long to hit the road again and find the place I belong.



Not!Syrien Shaman
Reina received the letter, but was a bit occupied when she got it from the courier. So she paid the lad and left about her business, figuring she'd come back to the letter later on when she got a chance. Much later in the sept, once rested in a ward at the Spirit Tree to recover from fainting, she pulled the letter out and read it. A soft yet weak smile formed upon her face as she read it in silence. To know it wasn't too late was more than enough to lull the syrien to sleep at long last, as she struggled to catch any sleep at all anymore, often fighting for it nightly. Her nightmares kept her up at the late hours of the night most days, but this time, she slept perfectly sound for a change. Whether it was Chiara or the amount of sleep deprivation she was bearing that put her to sleep was a mystery to even herself, but she was grateful either way. She'd admit to having a problem to not only Thaddeus but also Krianna when she held a bottle of liquor in her hand, something she never thought she'd say to anyone out loud. Reina wasn't the type to want to rely on anyone or anything, but drink became a crutch for her in these trying times of crisis and chaos. It almost seemed unbearable to lose the one thing that kept her sane and in one place while so much happened around her. It was a constant in her life, one that she had always known clear into her youth. She'd seen what it did to Katja when she was just a girl, and yet, here she was, repeating the same mistake as her older sister/mother figure had. She knew she ought to be concerned about it but she was surprisingly calm about it in comparison to her long list of problems. A drinking problem was the least of her worries in comparison to the complex knots she had yet gone through to untangle carefully.
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