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By now, Fridsaelt is silent, completely rid of Danakov presence. Nowhere to be seen any, overnight all of them were gone. Witnesses tell there was a large pillar of flame in the eastern segments of the land, then silence set in. The local Huskarl has been given control, and they known only so much more, for they met on a daily basis with the Karl; One of them would be able to tell that the Karl's health has been failing for the longest of times and he constantly coughed up blood and could not rest at all. Something in connection with a certain book.
The following letter arrives to the Capital of Vinnagard, carried by a peasant. Its parchment is decorated with dry blueish blood, soot marks and a quarter of it is burned to crisp.
To Hollowgale,​

First things first, I do not fit into the human world. I never did. It is as uncomfortable as it gets, and the true nature that is mine can no longer be suppressed. On the other hand, the contracts that were made will still be upheld until they are fulfilled. Thus, I hereby resign from my position as a Karl, as a Noble of Vinnagard and I will only stick to the contract made between the two of us. This stage of my life has come to an end, and I will not be looking back. Should you seek reason as to why, then that soon becomes futile. No point in asking, no place for questions here. I do what I must, and now that leads me elsewhere. Don't die. You don't have my permission to do so.​

In great pain, sincerely,

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