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"Greetings and Salutations, Miss Krianna.
I apologize to bother you, but It has been suggested to me by Sister Seraphina to speak to you.
I would like to please Arvora and aid the people of the world.
I feel my calling is healing through Alchemy and Apothecary work.
I would like nothing more than to meet you.
I wish to know if you would be willing to teach me so that I may further the cause?
I would like to perhaps one day work at the spirit tree."

Peace be with you,





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When the morning arrives, Krianna will send off her reply. The missive is contained inside a carefully prepared envelope. The document inside lacks flaws, splotches, or damage. A series of rust orange wax seal prevents the container's contents escaping. Blue silken cordage is pressed inside of the wax. Said provision will make the article ease for any person to open. Once opened, the damage will be unconcealable and not easily repaired. These ribbons form three hearts. On the Southern segment, there is no loop. There are two crossed ends of the fabric. On the stationary, there is a personal crest. The feminine heraldic device is lozenge. Its background stain is black. The border of the field is a rich metallic gold. A black bloomery is centered inside of the artwork. From it, there arises a Cinnabar Phoenix. Orange flames kiss along its body. Where stain might touch stain, gold is substituted to respect the customs of heraldry. The mighty avian collapse the very hammer of Domm. The blue silken ribbon laces through an inlet. It exits out the creature's mouth.

Dear Dyani,

I am happy to meet you and discuss your wishes. Beforehand, I wish to communicate the dangerous realities of Alchemical pursuits. Some Alchemical materials and processes are inherently volatile. If you do not properly handle these matters and substances, it can and will cause the loss of your life or someone else. In addition, please keep in mind: the arts of the Doctor and the Poisoner are intertwined. All medicine has the capacity to harm your patient. If you do not apply well, it will easily hinder your efforts, worse the woes of your patient, or expand the trouble. Please keep these realities inside of the front of your mind.

Krianna B. Alum

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