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A missive would be sent to Luante in hopes that it would reach the Merrigold family. It was simply made, no fancy stamp or seal upon the letter. It wasn't meant to be formal or threatening.
Dear Cecilia,

Since we spoke the other day, I've grown a fascination with the creatures we discussed. I would like to inquire of your knowledge of these creatures and how to better defend the realm against them. I would like your help in learning and even experimenting with these creatures, as you have far more experience in the arcane than I do. I wish to record these learnings in order to allow others to learn from these as well. I do hope this letter does not come as a bother and will even prepare a basket of alchemical ingredients for your trouble. I'm not sure what else I may offer as a thank you for your time. I am also hoping to experiment in planar magics as well, to help aid in the study.


Lillium Mal'arn

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