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A very spartan and plain letter is sent to Garai Dahan. The parchment is plain, the ink is mundane, and the message is simple.

Dear Emir Dahan,

Your daughter, Safiyya, came to the Spirit Hospital to be examined. She had two immediately concerning injuries. The first is a rather intense and large abdominal bruise. The swelling was meaningful, but the coloration and the other factors present indicate no residual internal bleeding. It will be some time before the bruise dissipates completely. The second and more concerning injury is a minor concussion. Safiyya's motor skills and the majority of her cognitive functions are intact. She is experiencing a minor amount of memory loss, some visual distortions, and ringing of the ears. I have walked her home and instructed her to avoid reading and strenuous activities. Please ensure she does not enter battle for atleast the next month. In addition, please see that she receives proper food and a steady supply of drinking water. Her body needs time to heal. If her condition worsens to any degree, please bring her immediately back to tend to. Please do not allow her stubbornness to keep her out of the hospital.

Krianna B. Alum

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