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With the letter sealed and the order given, a messenger would ride through the days until he reaches both the North and the Reiks.
A letter would soon find its way to the desk of Reina Piscaes and the Reikskanzler Alum respectively. It is stamped
with the royal seal of Folset. The letter's intended recipients and sender are written clearly on the front.

The letter reads 'From Folstian Justiciar Auberon, to be delivered to Reina Piscaes.'

Huskarl Piscaes,

Greetings, and I do hope this letter finds you within good health. I write to
you now based on statements that the Reikskanzler has provided regarding
utilizing Tiberius Rhett's abilities to purge curses from several individuals. Given
the nature of Tiberius' incarceration and agreements between the Reiklands and
Folset regarding his asylum I am required to be present for each instance of
Tiberius' operations.

If I understand correctly, you will be the one to organize and begin proceeding
toward the meetings across the aforementioned individuals. I ask you to notify
me ahead of time so we may schedule our respective rendezvous accordingly.
A copy of this letter will be sent to Reikskanzler Alum so they are aware of the
planning as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

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Reina would then translate the letter onto parchment into Elven twice to send out copies of this letter to Folset to Braern and Raethal at the Brodielonde manor in Tyr'velon. And she was kind enough to add a little note with each letter copy as well to add to what's already been written up. And the note read as:

Braern and/or Raethal,

Shit hit the fan in Tyr'Arien so I took Khyana to Highmeadow to try to get her curse sorted out. I've taken her in and you're free to visit at your leisure at my residence up this way. She's in good hands and if Tiberius is able to purge her curse, I will get back to you so we can get Raethal looked at as well. I'll fill you both in on the details as things progress. If you have a hard time finding my home, meet me at the tavern in Highmeadow and I'll show you to it myself. Khy will be safe here, and the only people in this house are my brother, Oskar, myself, and my children that'll be around besides her. Stay safe and travel safely should you choose to come up this way. The letter I have forwarded to you is about the arrangement I am trying to organize with Tiberius within the Reiklander court, so that you two may be kept in the loop of things.


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