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A piece of parchment, relatively crumpled and torn. Written entirely in Hanese, character shakily painted in black with a small brush.

Masu-dono, I write you from a ward in the spirit tree. I have been gravely wounded. More deep the wound is that now that I have regained consciousness my sword has gone missing, I feel I've been greatly shamed. There is a section that is blocked out, peeking behind the ink one might see a few foul words. When I'd found Okami he refused to come along, I insisted and he ran, that damned coward. There is another blocked out section. Like any should, I gave chase. At which point I was shoved by a sniveling runt from a very high platform and all is black from then.
I've a great pain in my head. My leg has been splinted, and I've little function in my arm. I ask that you visit and we'll discuss this in further length.

Regards, 平野彩乃

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