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In the quiet of the north, she was left to her thoughts to contemplate how she would do about her situation at hand. Reina held onto the words Erik said as she finally caved in and penned a letter to be sent away. She didn't think it was fair to explain it on paper so she figured in person would have better results. She wrote it in Common in her usual handwriting, praying for good results. And it read:

Are you able to meet me in Hundabaeli soon? I have some things to discuss with you and I have my hands full at the moment with fighting lessons and my duties. I apologize for the sudden request but I thought it might be wise to talk to you about this. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


And she had the letter sent to Umaroth's smithy in Highmeadow immediately, as she was worrying herself with how she'd say it. And while she was at it, she wrote a small note to Zena that she'd sneak to a thrall in Frjalstad, since she'd been staying up there in the long house. The note was simple and in Common as she moved to wander on home again. It read:


When can I see you again?


The syrien shaman had a lot on her mind as she went home to resume her fighting lessons with Monika while she awaited her courted. It weighed on her heavily as she just tried to forget what was going on internally. It was going to hurt her more than anyone else, but Erik was right. It's hurt more if she waited later. So she went on about her day as she would have any other day.


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