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('The Accolade', Edmund Blair Leighton)


[!] *This paper, sealed not with the wax of the King, nor the wax of the Reiksheer, but the Order of the Summerlands, was delivered to both Lord General Var Kolchrave, Her Royal Majesty Eleanora Von Maddoc, and His Royal Majesty Avel Von Maddoc, First of his Name. It was made out of fresh velum, somewhat perfumed and its contents were calligraphied in sheer ebony ink, bearing the hand writings of a skillful scribe. None of which were the author's original talents but those of a close friend. Indeed the contents had been written out by Goslynn Askeladden, interceding upon the highest ranking members of the Order, with an offer to those involved.* [!]

To His and Her Majesties,
To His Lordship,
To the Brothers and Sisters of the Order,

I come to you with this proposition, for it is of time and order that two notable members of our military be brought into the fold. These two members are ones Leutnant Ludwig Arden and Saint Alavara Vors. Both fervent Solarii, they have served their country in their own manners; and whilst some of us do not see eye to eye on their behaviours, their deeds and accomplishments are a pristine truth that cannot be shyed away from. I speak of course of their ongoing and most recent exploits.

Leutnant Ludwig has led perpetual war against corruption within the people, taking down raving accursed, the undead, the unholy, and has always come back worse for wear. His anger and temperament may be overbearing, but in his zealousness - not unlike Desimir - is a loyalty that no blade, no hammer, no monstrosity can hope to sever. In the past month, he has done the greatest feat of all, in saving the Reiksheer from certain doom by taking on the Witch, held her attention and forced her thoughts on his. His actions and undaunted self-sacrifice gave our forces the chance to eclipse themselves and thus complete their mission.

Saint Alavara Vors, is herself a recognised Blessed of Sol, whose aid was crucial in the developments of Tyr'Varune, the Necromancer's Head and Necromancer's Right Hand. Her powers, surely are of great reknown, but it is her silent will that burns the brightest. The rumours of her and His Majesty working together have already inspired the minds of poets and chanters. Bards sing of this Maiden in taverns and pubs, whilst courtrooms are filled with fiction of her deeds. My own son has asked of her name, and her long standing reputation as an upstanding soldier, woman and blessed speaks for itself.

As a fellow Knight of the Summerlands, it is my honor to propose these two esteemed individuals to their rightful position within the Order, and their promotion to Officers of the Hellesfeuer ( both as Kommandants ), and to stand by our sides. Please consider the offer, and may the Vigil inform your decisions that they might be just in the eyes of the Reik, and the Gods.

Ser Goslynn Askeladden, Knight of the Summerlands
Aide to
His Royal Majesty, Avel Von Maddoc I,
Director of the Teufeläger.


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