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RafaelDarkwoods/Winter_Payne's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Ban Appeal:

Forum Name: RafaelDarkwood
MC Name: Winter_Payne
People involved: @NiNi @Kyle1322 @Lore Team
Banned by: (I forget to this day.)
Situation: High levels of slight salt directed towards Lore Team and NiNi in a way that was not right in any justification.

Apology and Appeal,

In the advent of the end of the year which is to be fairly soon within this month, and .. give or take about two, maybe three months of contemplation: I feel the need to give you this apology which was the basis upon which I need to state-  I was wrong in what I said and how I conveyed it. And I apologize more importantly to you, as is right, I said some pretty rough things that I don't expect to be in any form comfortable for you to hear nor do I expect it to have been a pleasant experience.

Second, an apology to your staff team, and your lore team, the same thing, I needed to have conveyed that and said things better, and I understand that it was rough in how I portrayed my vision and for that- I apologize.

And now-

Appeal and reprimands. Under any circumstance of any aight leader of any server, I'd assume this either be an immediate no, or a lot of talk amongst your comrades/staff in this specific time.  But beyond that this appeal is not only me asking to be allowed on the server, it is more of a immense apology towards you, and towards those I've wronged on the accords of my less-then-peaceful verbal attitude. I came to these messages not only to apologize, but to see my old friends once more. I am not able to do such without your forgiveness on the matter and so: I humbly apologize, and bid you, and your staff team please, to consider allowing me on Aethier once more with any reprimand necessary. Thank you, and have a nice night.


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We will be unbanning you HOWEVER-at any point for an indeterminate amount of time you will be on last warning status. This means that even the tiniest infraction will cause a ban and you will NOT be allowed to make another appeal.

Once you acknowledge this condition, I will unban you.

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