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Custom Items Team
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[x] Erik sat in his little house, if you could call it that, looking over the various blueprints of the buildings due to be added to Siglastad.
As well as talking with the other builders that would assist with improving the settlement at the Karl's request.
With these additions Erik could adequately house the denizens of the city and provide the room for his engineering
projects. Erik's plans for Siglastad was to make it a hub for northern trade, commerce and invention that would rival that
of Old Jarnheim and Frjalstad. Thanks to the help from a certain Terramancer, the surrounding area can be formed to best
fit his plans and support the potential buildings. If everything goes according to plan, Erik can start constructing the various trade and
war ships for the North. Along with other jobs and commissions for the North and her people. Construction is to start on the morrow.

*Posters would be set out and placed all over the Jarldom stating that the settlement was under renovations and that
any and all help in the construction would be much appriciated.*

Siglastad is now under construction and renovations until all of the additions have been built and imported to the RP world.
The settlement is not off limits for RP for the time being but ICly its not recommended for safety reasons.
(Erik is not responsible for any injuries from bricks or building materials that fall on player characters while visiting Siglastad).

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