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Delivered on ethereal blue wings of a raven familiar, a package would make its way to wherever Quince had called her home. The familiar would stand on top of the box in front of the door, squawking every now and then when there seemed to be no one around, or simply to draw attention. This Raven would bite and caw at anyone who did not match Quince's description, even going as far as checking different houses with the package before it inevitably found her. The box was packaged relatively simply, however once opened she would be able to find her quiver along with the arrows that Cecilia had not shot at the Goddess of Chaos. A letter was atop of the quiver, sealed with the blue stamp of the Merrigold Family. Written in very neat common, it seemed to be rather brief.

Thank you for the arrow, I apologize for not being able to return them in person after all the chaos that occurred earlier today. If there is anything that you need from me, please don't hesitate to ask, I would be happy to oblige. You can find me at the spirit tree should you need me.

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