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Aethier Code of Conduct
Mission Statement:

Aethier is a minecraft roleplaying community. We strive to foster creativity, cultivate an enjoyable setting, and present intelligible rules. We want to create a compassionate and energetic community. To achieve this end, each member must focus on their health and conduct. The health and judgment of the individual composes the foundation of this community. If a player is unwell, he should step away. A filed whitelist application entails accepting the contents of our Code of Conduct. Please review this material. Breach of our policies on server, in community, or our platforms can result in punishment. You can find yourself warned, remove off the whitelist, banned, and so on. The severity of your infraction will determine what measures come to be.

1. Courtesy
  • Grant others your respect. Treat them well.
  • Do not abuse, bully, harass, lie to or mistreat fellow community members, including team members.
  • Do not OOCly disrupt roleplay in any way, this includes flight. Restrain your ooc movements.
  • All roleplay is to be conducted in the English Language. Short phrases inside of in character languages are acceptable.
2. Content Rules
  • Please use a skin suited to our setting. Do not wear a lewd skin, popular culture references, futuristic attire, and so on. Feel free to ask a moderator if your skin is acceptable should there be any doubt.
  • Please ensure your builds fit inside our 16th century techlock.
  • Complex redstone mechanisms that would cause unnecessary stress on the creative or rp server are not allowed. To determine whether your mechanism is acceptable, contact a member of Operations Team.
  • Mature Content
    • Adult content is forbidden for our server, its forum, and related platforms. We do not permit brutal torture, over the top violence, sexual activities, or sexual violence of any sort. You cannot backstory Rape or other types of Sexual Violence.
      • The use of the word "rape" is not acceptable under any circumstance whether it is used in a sexual context or not.
    • Players can request a ‘fade to black’ to end any scene. The details get discussed out of character, but no further roleplay occurs.
3. No Metagaming, Powergaming, or Godmodding
  • Metagaming
    • Metagaming is defined as using knowledge that you have gained through out of character means, in character. Your character only knows what they have learned in character, and using information outside of that is strictly forbidden.
    • An example of metagaming is using information you were told on Skype/Discord in character. Another example could be something as simple as looking at the name above someone's head in game and calling them by their name in roleplay without your character having any way of knowing it.
    • Circumstantial evidence can and will be used when instances of metagaming occur, such as discord logs or even over-voice metagaming. There are very few players who will actively speak in OOC, or on-server chats about their intentions to metagame, and as such circumstantial evidence is used more often than not.
  • Powergaming
    • Powergaming occurs when an action removes a roleplay partner's agency over his/her character. Please be sure to leave your posts open ended enough for other players to take part. Give fellow community members time to react to your emotes.
    • Following examples represent Powergaming: Jack seizes Marcus' throat and commences to shake him. Before Dany reacts, Alexander bursts out of his cover and plants his sword inside the woman's belly.
    • Please do not complete the activity. To correct the emotes, Leave your character's actions open such as in the following example. Jack tries to grab Marcus' throat. If successful, he attempts to shake the man. Alexander springs his ambush. He charges out of the hay bale and points his sword to his target's stomach.
  • God Modding
    • God Modding happens when your character's actions do not align to their abilities. This also extends to circumstances outside of intelligibility. Let's examine some examples. A mere Human cannot step over the Grand Canyon. An unconscious man cannot cast spells. The valiant knight cannot avoid every last sword stroke thrown his way.
  • IC Into OOC
    • Players must keep out of character and in character matters separate. IC enters OOC in any instance where RP consequences cause a player to lash out towards another member. Please do not attack other players due to imprisonments, betrayals, torture, and so on. These actions merit punishment.
4. What You Do on Server is Your Responsibility
  • You alone bear responsibility for your actions. Anxiety, intense stress, and substance abuse (under the influence) do not excuse you. Please step away and do not engage our platforms inside these times of your life.
  • Your account is your property. If it is misused, you are responsible.
  • A hacked or stolen account should be reported to Moderation or Operations team right away.
5. No Griefing or Theft
  • Resource Gathering
    • Do not fly or use a home to reach nodes. You can fly towards the site, but you must land and approach the location.
    • You may not snipe a node. Sniping occurs when a player oocly grabs materials in front of another. No rp is had. Moderation will resolve disputes of this nature.
    • You must RP to gather a node in the wilderness. You do not need to RP to gather from nodes that are private. (EX: City Mine, Private Garden.)
    • If you are attempting to steal from a private node you must contact a moderator and RP the encounter.
  • Grief and Theft
    • Stealing oocly from other players is not acceptable, this includes from their chests or other means of stealing oocly.
      • This includes the storage world, RP world and all others, theft OOC is not acceptable under any circumstance.
      • To steal ICly you must contact a moderator.
    • Griefing builds is not allowed in any circumstance. If you are editing a build you need permission from the region owner, and in some cases such as exterior editing, the Faction Lead.
      • Editing of builds should be done in the creative world and regulated by Faction Team.
6. No Avoiding RP Consequences
  • Avoiding RP consequences such as avoiding an rp to prevent your character from being hurt or otherwise harmed physically, mentally, or sociably is not allowed. If rp is avoided a moderator will make sure that the rp happens, or that a conclusion is decided on what happens to your character.
    • This includes but is not limited to combat logging.
    • This also includes lying about what happened in RP OOCly.
  • Using flight or ports in order to fly or teleport away from an rp that is currently happening is prohibited.
7. Plagiarism
  • Do not plagiarize content such as lore, builds, skins, art, etc. from other places to our platform or Aethier’s work onto another platform.
  • If you want to use another person's content, ask for permission instead of taking it without their consent.
  • Plagiarizing any content is not permitted.
8. All Offline RP is Non-Canon
  • Any RP that does not happen on the server or the forums is considered non-canon.
  • Forum RP through both the in-character forums section and PMs is considered canon. Discord logs that are pasted into forum PMs is considered canon, as it can be checked by a moderator.
9. Do Not Post on Applications
  • Do not post on applications that aren’t yours unless otherwise asked.
  • Warnings and bans of any kind are not to be commented on. If you have information to give the moderation team about said person that is not already known you may message them directly.
  • Applications in which you may be explicitly required to post on are exceptions as they may require you to confirm your involvement.
10. No Advertising or Spam
  • Advertisement
    • Do not advertise other servers on aethier platforms to other players.
      • This includes posting IP’s for other RP servers on the forums, discord, teamspeak, or in-game.
        • This only applies for RP servers. It is okay to play on multiple RP servers as long as you are not advertising one server to the other.
  • Spam
    • Spamming is not permitted in any way, shape or form.
    • Spamming can result in a removal of permissions to post on forum threads, give ratings, etc. either temporarily or permanently in special cases.
11. Character Rules
  • New Characters
    • New characters cannot have any interactions with any previous characters that you have had, or possess any knowledge that is not considered “common knowledge.”
      • For example, knowing who the king of a kingdom is, is considered common knowledge
    • You are allowed to play your own characters child however the child character cannot have any of the same in-depth knowledge that the parent had and they cannot interact as you are not allowed to rp with your own character.
    • You cannot create new characters for the purpose of furthering your other character’s goals. This includes making characters to complete professions, etc.
  • Child Characters
    • A character given to another player that has been properly developed by the player cannot be taken away from them without the permission of the player.
      • Exceptions to this may be made on a case by case basis with situations presented to and reviewed by the moderation team.
    • Cases in which the character may be taken back by the parent players, assuming there is no proper development:
      • Prolonged inactivity for no reason (3 months or more) or notice given to the parents. OOC medical reasons may be exceptions to this on case-by-case basis.
      • Agreements made between the parent and child players stating that the child character will be revoked if not roleplayed in accordance with the requests of the parents.
        • Exceptions can be made to this rule if the roleplayer of the child character can evidence roleplay development as reason for straying from the above stated agreement.
    • Some examples in which a child character becomes the right to the player instead of the parents are as follows but are not limited to:
      • Having gathered abilities such as magic (with the parents not lighting the spark/not inherited spark. Developing magic to large extents with
      • inherited spark can be looked at on a case by case basis.), divinity, special traits (not including born greater vallahism), gaining artifacts (not passed down from parent to child) or event items, as this requires character development to establish.
      • Having established relationships with other player characters that are impactful, such as close friendships, a family with children, etc.
Whether or not a child character is developed enough to be considered under full control of the child roleplayer will generally be determined on a case-by-case basis at Moderation discretion upon a report being made.

12. No Trading IC Items OOC
  • Players cannot trade items or materials OOCly. RP needs to have taken place in order to transfer items. This relates directly to “No Metagaming.”
  • The exception to this is items obtained from voting and patron crates.
13. In-Character Punishments
  • A player character cannot be imprisoned for more than three OOC days without RP. If the player is given rp every day then they are allowed to be kept imprisoned for a full OOC week.
    • If the prisoner consents to being kept in jail for longer than an OOC week they are allowed to. If rp is no longer offered then they are allowed to follow the rules as per everyone else.
  • The prisoner and captor must make an effort to rp with each other. The prisoner cannot avoid talking to the captor OOCly in order to ride out the three days and escape.
    • If the prisoner does not make an effort to rp, the imprisonment length can be extended up to Moderation Team discretion.
  • Once the time has elapsed of either 3 days without rp or a week with rp, then the prisoner can request a prison break. A moderator must be notified of and approve of the break out, however it may be DMed by either a moderator or a member of event team.
    • The RP must be held at a time that is “active” for both parties, to allow players who would logically be in the jail or the area around it to participate in the RP.
14. Mods
  • Mods that allow hacking are not allowed on server, this may also include but may not be restriced to:
    • Mods that alter the players hitbox in any way.
    • Mods that allow a player to login as other users that may otherwise bypass authentication systems.
    • Mods that allow a player to fly through means other than with the /fly command. (A Mod that controls flying only whilst /fly is enabled or when in creative/spectator is however allowed)
    • Any mods with the capability to take snapshots, schematics or downloads of the map. (Ask faction team for this, or use the server provided tools for this with relevant approvals.)
    • Any clientside mods that prevent the servers ability to disconnect a player via Kids or Bans.
  • Mods that are allowed are as follows:
    • Forge
    • Lite Loader
    • Optifine
    • Tabbychat
    • More Player Models
    • Minimap Mods
    • Shader Mods
  • If you’re not sure whether or not it is allowed, ask a moderator or a member of the Operations team for clarification.
15. No Recording of Voice
  • Due to the wide variability of voice recording consent laws in different areas of the world, Aethier voice platforms, including but not limited to TeamSpeak and Discord, may not have voice conversations recorded under any circumstances, whether consent is claimed to be provided or not.
16. Spirit of the Server
  • The rules are not all-inclusive and are made to be a general overview of the standards of Aethier. If an action would break the mission statement or the essence of the rules, it will be considered breaking the Spirit of the Server. This includes loopholing other rules. Should something be unclear, asking moderation for clarification will prevent issues from arising.
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