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1. No Griefing or Theft
  • In any world marked "ResourceWorld" this rule does not apply. This includes "TheDepths" and the "ForgottenLands"
  • This rule does not apply in the "Survival World"
  • Just because a chest is unlocked doesn't mean you can steal from it. Event chests are an exception to this. Those are meant to be looted.
Standardized Action:
Violation of this rule incurs an immediate ban from the server, with allowed appeals immediately. When the player does appeal, their unban conditions should require a complete wipe of "economy" balances. Depending on the severity of the theft, also revoking all items in the players possession is on the table.

2. Unauthorized modifications to your client are not allowed on the Aethier Server.

  • This includes all hacking mods.
The full list of mods that ARE allowed to this can be found below.
  • Minecraft Forge
  • Liteloader
  • Optifine
  • More Player Models
  • Journeymap
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Xaero's Minimap
  • CodeChickenCore
  • NotEnoughItems (Recipe Mode)
  • Macro/Keybind Mod
  • TabbyChat
  • Laser Level
  • Dynamic Lights
  • GLSL Shaders Mod
Standardized Action:
An immediate ban is handed out to any player who shows use of an unauthorized client modification. This ban should be able to be appealed immediately, and the unban conditions should be standard.

3. The Use of Flight

  • The use of flight on the server is primarily for building and travelling. Flight use is not to disturb roleplay or break immersion in any way.
    • The Syrien race is allowed the use of /fly while in roleplay for swimming.
  • Flight is sometimes allowed and prohibited on a world by world basis. Where you may find you can not fly in some resource collection worlds, other worlds such as The Storage World and Creative-Play support a free flight policy with no rules or restrictions on usage whatsoever.
  • You may fly freely on the server (excluding event locations, and any server build locations, where flying will be forever prohibited) providing that there is no roleplay in the area. By doing this, you are taking a risk in that if you are unaware of roleplay, then you may still be warned regardless of your knowledge of rp in the area. This will be viewed case by case basis.
  • /fly can be used to perform basic actions in roleplay such as jumping fences, "floating" in water, or climbing walls under situational circumstances. This also applies to Syrien travel through water.
  • You may request/obtain special permission from staff at any time to allow free flight for reasons such as screenshotting, recording videos, and so on providing you have of course asked and received a clear answer first.
  • Multiple strikes may result in your fly permission being revoked pending an appeal.
Standardized Action:
Warning for the first offense, repeat offenders should be added to the "flyban" group by those with permissions.

4. No Complex Redstone Mechanisms

  • Complex redstone mechanisms that would cause un-necessary stress on the server are not allowed. To determine if your redstone mechanism is acceptable, inquire to a Staff member to have it approved.

  • Redstone farms are okay provided they are button/lever operated and don't work on timers.
  • Farming mobs is acceptable, as long as it neither lags the server nor prevents the mobs from hurting you.
  • If you have questions about your redstone mechanism in particular, inquire with a member of the Staff team to approve/decline your mechanism.
Standardized Action: Removal of the redstone mechanic, and a warning issued to the player.

5. No Abusive Behavior or Harassment

  • No abusive/disrespectful behavior towards players or staff.
  • The Aethier Minecraft Community upholds a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or bullying in our community and anyone caught doing this will be punished to the fullest extent of the rules. Harassment is directly degenerative to our community and it is the duty of each and every member of the community to report and discourage any acts of harassment, discrimination or bullying in our community through any of our mediums (on TeamSpeak, on the Minecraft server, any Aethier discords, or on the forums).
Standardized Action:
Anyone found to be harassing another member of the community should be met with a ban and removal from all of our platforms, pending an appeal which may be submitted after a wait period dictated by staff team.

6. Do Not Post on Applications

  • Do not post on applications you did not create, unless it is otherwise stated.
  • Warnings and bans of any kind should not be commented on when given out to a player, if someone wishes to know why they (the recipient) have been banned or warned in more detail, then please contact a staff member via PMs. Consistently commenting on sanctions after staff tells you not to will result in a warn.
  • Region applications, deletion queue posts, and noble house applications are an exception to this, as they require you to post to confirm your involvement.
Standardized Action:
Users found breaking this rule should be met with a warning, and repeat offenders should be put on content moderation.

7. Content Rules

  • All skins, builds, and canon roleplay on both the forums and server need to be within our theme.
  • Aethier Roleplay Server keeps a strict Medieval High-Fantasy theme, taking most of our inspiration from the time period between 1400 AD and 1550 AD. These things need to be kept in context to keep a general sense of immersion on the server.
  • Skins/characters that are theme-compliant but are taken from popular media including, but not limited to: anime, video games, popular youtubers, literature & cinema are prohibited. Any skins, builds or characters found to be in violation of this will be made to change.
Standardized Action:
Users found in violation of this rule should be instructed to change their violated content, and in the event that they do not do so on their own they should be made to do so.

8. No Advertising
No advertising other servers.

  • This means please do not post IP's on the forums, the TeamSpeak, the Discord, or any in-game chat.
  • This only applies to other roleplaying servers.
  • If you feel someone is spamming/advertising IP's in PM, please report to a staff member.
  • Referring a player to another server counts as advertising.
Standardized Action:
Players found to be in violation of this rule should be met with an immediate ban, with an appeal allowed immediately after the ban.

9. No Metagaming, Powergaming, Godmodding, or Bringing IC into OOC


  • Metagaming is defined as using knowledge that you have gained through out of character means, in character. Your character only knows what they have learned in character, and using information outside of that is strictly forbidden.
  • An example of metagaming would be using information you were told on Skype/Discord in character. Another example could be something as simple as looking at the name above someone's head in game and calling them by their name in roleplay without your character having any way of knowing it.
  • In instances where circumstantial evidence proves beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that metagaming has occurred, it is still something that can be warned for. There are very few players who will actively speak in OOC, on-server chats about their intentions to metagame, but that doesn't mean this isn't also metagaming.
  • Powergaming is defined as forcing your emotes on your roleplay partners. When emoting, or acting in character, make sure to always give the other participants in the roleplay a chance to react to what you're doing and not force your actions upon them.
  • This is done by writing your emotes in such a way to say that your character "would do x", or "moves over to grab x". The opposite of this (an the kinds of emoting that is not allowed) would be doing things like "picks up vase and throws it at Jeb, it shattering and cutting his shirt open." In this example you emoted an action and its resolution, not giving "Jeb" the opportunity to react. That would be powergaming and strictly not allowed.
God Modding
  • God Modding is defined as the act of doing that which would be impossible for your character. This can be things like sustaining an inordinate amount of physical harm in a fight, dodging every attack, or performing a great feat that would be impossible for your character.
  • Bringing IC into OOC is defined as acting out against a player for reasons that are due to IC consequences. Things like being imprisoned, betrayed or even tortured, then bringing this attitude onto the player OOCly for the actions of their their characters is strictly against the rules, and is treated as such.
Standardized Action:
Users found in violation of this rule should be issued a warning and the roleplay in question corrected. More severe cases may elicit further punishment such as dewhitelisting or a ban.

10. No ERP or PG-18 Related Content

  • For the benefit of the younger audiences involved, please do not use our services for such content.
  • This applies to both roleplay on the server, and content posted to the forums, even in private messages.
  • Any player has the right to request a "fade to black" for any graphic roleplay that takes place.
Standardized Action:
Any users found to be in violation of this rule should be immediately removed from our community and all of its services. These bans are considered very serious as we have a number of younger players in the community who should not be exposed to this kind of content.

11. What You Do on Server is Your Responsibility

  • Logging in while "heavily stressed" or "under the influence" is not proper excuse for poor behavior.
  • Any rules broken while participating in account sharing or having your account used in a public area by a person other than you will still apply to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that what happens on your account is respectable and follows the Aethier rules and policies.
  • In the instance of an account being hacked or stolen, it is the duty of the person responsible for that account to notify the Staff team as soon as possible, so that proper action can be taken.
12. No Using Ports/Teleporting to Escape Roleplay
  • Players are not to use the server-provided methods of instantaneous transportation (ports, /home, /spawn, etc.) as a means to escape roleplay. Please keep in mind that while ports do seem to instantaneously teleport you to their destinations, in character the travel time is how long it would realistically take for that vehicle to move that distance.
  • The act of "timeskipping" what would otherwise be mundane travel roleplay by means of using the /home, /spawn, and what have you is still allowed. However, it should be noted that this should only be done when all members present in the roleplay agree.
Standardized Action:
Should a user find themselves in violation of this rule, a DM should be called into the combat and repair the roleplay so that every member of the party can have a fair outcome given the situation.

13. New Character Policy

  • When creating a new character, they must have had no interactions with the previous characters, or knowledge that is not considered "common knowledge".
    • This means unless the roleplay is public knowledge, your character cannot know it.
  • This rule was instated to stop metagaming, but more so to stop the third lost cousin of an empire suddenly returning and taking the throne, knowing everything from the previous ruler but 30 years younger.
  • You may contact a Staff member in the event you wish for some kind of exception.
  • If you have further questions, please contact the Staff and we'd be happy to help!
  • You may only add new members to your family by adoption, marriage, or by birthing a child.
  • For exceptions to this rule, please make a non-standard character application with your situation and we can judge this on a case by case basis.
  • You may not create a new character for the purpose of furthering the goals of any of your other characters.
  • No two characters played by a single player should interact with one another.
Standardized Action:
New characters found to be in violation of this should be made to alter their roleplay to comply with this rule, or submit a non-standard character application.

14. All Offline Roleplay is Non-Canon

  • Since it has become too difficult to track, players should be aware that we do not consider offline roleplay as canon (happened in RP).
  • The public roleplay section of the forums is not included within this rule, and can still be considered canon.
  • Forum roleplay through private conversations is permitted as canon, however if you wish to send what could possibly be considered sensitive information, a Staff member should be added to the conversation to ensure everything goes well.
15. Do Not Plagiarize Content From/To This Server
  • Just as we do not wish for our content to be stolen, we do not wish for you to bring stolen content onto our site. This can pertain to the following:
    • Characters from popular TV shows, anime, video games and so on.
    • Lore from other major franchises.
    • Lore from other servers that you did not create yourself.
    • Artwork, taken without giving credit to the original creator.
    • Builds that are not publicly available on the internet, are not allowed to be used. In the event that you use a build that is publicly available on the internet, you must clearly give credit in build to whoever made it.
    • Skins already in use by, or created by other players. This applies to skins being used in roleplaying mediums including other servers.
    • If you wish to use another's content, please be sure to ask permission first then provide full credit to the original author to prevent any issues following.
    • If you wish to use content from another member of the community, ensure that they are okay with you using their content. In the event that you do use content from another member of our community, follow whatever guidelines that player has set out for their content.
Standardized Action:
Any plagiarized content should be removed, and the person in question given a punishment scaling from a three point forum warning to a complete ban depending on the severity of the offence.

16. No Camping/Spawn Diving
Camping or "Spawn Diving" the PvP line in any PvP zone is forbidden.

  • If caught doing this, you will be banned from entering the world you did this in. The PvP line is NOT to be used to avoid PvP. If you initiate or engage in PvP and retreat to a safe-zone to stop yourself dying, or alternatively use this line to avoid taking damage, you are violating this policy.
Standardized Action:
Players caught doing this should be given a warning.

17. No Loopholing

  • Finding loopholes in our rules/policies is not an excuse to break/disobey them.
18. No Spam
  • Spamming messages, forum posts, ratings, or any form of media/command usage is prohibited.
  • Spamming a thread or command constantly will result in a warning and in some severe cases, a ban from PMs, forums, or from the community as a whole. Though spamming a command may not be visible to your eyes, it can still affect the server.
  • Excessive use of ratings, be it positive or negative, can result in a temporary restriction from using the feature (usually around 24 hours, however can be permanent), as well as the database queue being purged (which usually results in lost ratings). Please remember that while you all have your own accounts on this website, you share resources. Not to mention flooding alerts often causes people to miss out on threads updating, which is extremely annoying to people when they realize later down the line.
Standardized Action:
Spamming messages found on any Aethier platform should be removed, and the poster given punishments scaling from a warning to removal of access to those platforms depending on the severity.

19. The Use of Languages Other Than English (British) and English (Americanized) Are Forbidden

  • Users on this server all have to understand what it is you are saying, so at all times you must use the English language and none other.
  • This also forbids "reworked" or "made up" languages UNLESS approved by lore.
  • The use of European languages in the context of phrases, titles, and decently well known words are acceptable in roleplay to act as an in character cultural enhancer to represent Lore Approved languages.
20. In Character Punishments
A player's character cannot be imprisoned for more than three OOC days. This duration can be extended with an appeal to the Staff team under select circumstances. If your character imprisons another person's character you must make a reasonable attempt to roleplay with them. A repeated failure to roleplay with characters that your character has imprisoned can lead to warnings and additional punishment on a case by case basis. Likewise, the players of imprisoned characters are expected to make a reasonable effort to roleplay with their captors. If they do not, the time that their character is imprisoned can and will be extended

In addition to this, the following rules apply to all prison-related roleplay in the Aethier Community:

  • Any acts of gruesome torture, or other roleplay that would not fit into the "PG-15" guidelines, may be requested to "fade to black" by any one player present for the rp. In the event that a "fade to black" (ftb) is used, the players in question must decide on an outcome to the rp together before going through with the ftb. In the event that no consensus can be reached, a Staff Member can be called to step in and make a decision as to the outcome of the roleplay.
  • At the discretion of the Staff Team, we may choose to not allow the "prison rules" to be called on a roleplay if we feel that any parties present are using it as an avenue through which to escape roleplay consequences.
  • Any attempts made to escape a prison in character require the following:
    • A Staff DM's presence to determine if an escape would be possible
    • A Staff DM to oversee the escape and approve of its action
    • The RP must be held at a time that is considered "Active" for both parties, as most factions in the Aethier Community share a common time-zone, this would avoid accidental powergaming via the players who would logically be there not being able to log in.
21. No Trading of IC items OOC
  • Players may not trade IC items or materials OOCly. This relates directly to rule #9, "No Metagaming".
Standardized Action:
Players caught in violation of this rule will be issued with a warning.

22. Avoiding RP Consequences

  • Avoiding RP with someone to prevent your character harm or something you do not like is punishable by a warning, and a moderator will be there to ensure the RP happens and happens properly.
    • This includes combat logging.
  • Players cannot lie to one another OOCly about an action that occurred in character. IC lies are allowed however OOCly it must be abundantly clear as to what truly happened when pulled into question.
    • This includes skirting around the topic, failing to correct someone is still considered misleading them. Lying about an in-character situation you weren't involved in counts as misleading other players to persuade them OOCly with false information and is not tolerated.
    • This also includes getting other people to post your in character content for you in attempts to remain anonymous without posting it yourself, Moderation team will make your post anonymous for you if requested so that we have a log that it occurred.
      • E.g. When a player or moderator asks whether an RP took place in a certain location or at a certain time, the player can not ignore said question and is obligated to respond to the request truthfully.
23. De-Whitelisting
Moderation and the Whitelisting Team reserve the right to de-whitelist players under one or more of the following conditions. Under the notion that the player needs to re-evaluate their readiness for the Aethier Roleplay Environment, or their participation in the community.

  • The player is deemed ‘not ready’ for the server through displays of behavior but these behaviors do not necessarily warrant a warning or a ban. (Ex. Immaturity in roleplay not specified to character personality | General OOC Immaturity | Treating IC world as OOC)
  • The Player has left the server and come back on multiple occasions and gives explanation or complaint of the same issues. (Ex. Multiple leaving posts about disliking the community.)
    • This does not include leaving for travel, military, etc.
  • The player does not participate fully in the Aethier Community but posts on Forums, Public Discord, or logs in to comment in Global chat about ongoing issues IC or OOC in the community. (ex. Pot-stirring- Returning to Aethier environments to passive aggressively comment and/or complain about system changes, player bans, etc.)
24. Resource Gathering
Due to the technical resource gathering expansion put into place, there are a few stipulations to make sure that this process is a legitimate as possible. These items collected are considered in character items and therefore the trading of them must be done IC, relating to rule #21. These resource nodes are not to be considered OOC.

  • Regardless of whether or not you are by yourself or with another player, rp MUST be done to gather the resource from the node. If there is no RP, then the item is not considered legitimate and will be taken if discovered.
  • Stealing from resource nodes that another player is gathering from, ‘sniping’ the node, is not allowed. Disputes will be looked at in the case of who actually did the RP to gather the item rather than OOCly gathering the item. 'Sniping' the node is considered to be taking resources from a node without RP, be it by yourself or lack of confrontation RP with another player, or with little IC influence to be there in the first place besides to gather the node when your character would otherwise have no jurisdiction to be present.
  • Flying around the map in order to mass-gather or camp the nodes is strictly prohibited, and you must check if you are able to gather the item in that location before gathering.
    • Nodes located in areas claimed by a Kingdom in the Political system are under the jurisdiction of that faction owner, if you would not be allowed to go to that kingdom to gather then do not gather from the nodes.
    • Setting homes at nodes or otherwise ‘camping’ nodes is strictly prohibited.
    • Only gather from kingdoms your character lives in without permission, however IC laws still can come into play and just because you can gather them OOCly does not mean there won’t be IC punishment.
      • If a node is regulated by guards or otherwise NPC faction set ups, a sign at the node or a forum post, IC or OOC, must be put up on the forums to prevent people from gathering the node without proper permission from the Kingdom, or without an event to bypass the guards.
      • Please check this thread HERE for information on permission, this thread is going to be used to regulate who can gather from nodes without an event to bypass the NPC's guarding and working in the mine.
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