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Rumours of a travelling knight. (1 Viewer)


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"Oi, Gerda, 'ave you 'eard?!" The slightly more refined female elf looked at her companion disturbed. "Grandfather.. You're going senile. My name isn't Gerda, and I'm pretty sure this is about that wandering knight."

"Sush, dea', such gibberish is i'elevant!" The man with almodt no teeth yelled. "I'm talkin' ab't tha wanderin' knight! You 'eard o' 'im?!" The girl decided to play along, and feigned a sweet tone. "No grandfather."

"Silly lass! I told ya plenty o' times o' him!"

The girl rolled her eyes.

"Anyo'. This young strappin' lad, Alistair, was 'is name, if me 'ead serves right, has protected me fra' three damn dirty bandits! Alone! When I ask'd what 'is bussiness was, 'e just stated 'e protected tha weake'!"

These kinds of rumours, of a strange knight named Alistair, saving innocent people have been going around ever since the dissolvement of the crown, another rumour stated that the wandering knight can be found at the inn in sonaris.

OOC explanation: Ever since the disbanding of the crown, Alistair has become a wandering knight again, however, he wishes to join a new noble court. Send me a pm if you're interested.

This is a link to his profile.



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Oooh, a do-gooder. If Franco becomes king, I'm sure he'd hire you at least - only on the rumours of his decency as a well-aligned warrior. If he proves well in the courts he may get a space in a certain council.

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