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Posters would be set up in places that allowed such, advertising the beginnings of a sale of a new type of weapon from the technologically progressive nation of Folset, in hopes of better arming the general public against the threat of the Goddess Foli.

"Custom made Manablades for sale; They come in any shape and size with a color of your choosing. Quality of the weapons are equivilant to the best quality Einarian Steel weapons found in the realm. The Enchanted objects do not come with additional effects, and operate the same as any normal weapon. Manablades range from Swords to Polearms for fair prices; Direct letters to request one of these custom made weapons to the smiths of the Vassar Templar Order on Tyr'varune."

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Calemvir would receive a letter with the seal of Henry Maddoc containing the details of his order.
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A letter would arrive in Tyr'varune

Good day smiths of the Vassar Templar Order, I would like to request a Mana Blade as per your advertisement. The details are as follows:

One Mana Blade in the style of a Cutlass, the blade 29 1/2in long
Handle and Pommel unadorned and designed solely for function
Blade colored a Dark Blue, if at all possible

I hope to hear back soon, and am looking forward to your work.

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Reina took note of these fliers while crossing Folset to get to Mutajara. She'd swam up from Maluele in one of her many attempts at clearing her head of the things that pained her. A weapon was a weapon, so she figured she might pay a visit soon to get another weapon or two for her collection. She could use all the help she could get in this difficult time.

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