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Scarab Exams Arc Review (Thoughts/Suggestions/Critique) (1 Viewer)


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Howdy Doo Buckeroos! Review time!

While there are still a few threads to the eventline still in needed to tie up, and in time I intend to do so when time is available, but as of this point the Scarab Exams Arc had completed. With this arc finished I intend to take a wee break from something as big or as long as this again, but in the meantime I would like to enact a quick survey of those who took part or at least were secondary observers to it who have anything to suggest.
As of now, there are a few points that I myself found with the eventline that perhaps can be improved upon:

Random event format meant that exams varied between lengths, content, and time of participation. Resulting in some players waiting longer than others despite applying earlier.
Lack of material for certain characters result in more improvised content to fill the exams.
Lack of material also results in varied difficulty between exams, making some more lateral thinking problems, while others were more personal reflections of fears.
Scheduling left a good chunk of exams to be done over a few days over discord, as opposed to in game.

If you have any other comments or feedback, please fill out the survey or PM on discord. Have a great day!


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