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A letter would be given to Skua by a reiklands courier.
The letter have the seal of Henry Maddoc on it.

"Greeting's Skua Sindra, My name is Henry Maddoc and I wish to join your adventure."


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A simple letter would be sent, having traveled by a traveling courier. It had no special wax or absolutely eloquent handwriting, and said;

“I am Reginae de Lacerda and find myself interested in your expedition. Send word back if you still seek mercenaries and I will come.
-Reginae de Lacerda”

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Arya would see such a poster. She excitedly wrote a response as she needed a good adventure to go on.

Greetings Skua Sindra,
My name is Arya Almondreda and I believe that an adventure would be interesting. You can count me in if you will have me.

-Arya Almondreda

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