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Build Team
Build Team
[!] The following would be posted in a couple of the major cities, wherever allowed.
It's short, and leaves space for someone to leave an address or send word in reply.-

Seeking the services of a blacksmith to make the following:
1 Quiver (30 arrows worth) with blunted arrowheads
1 Quiver (30 arrows worth) with barbed arrowheads
1 Mace (1 handed, preferably with some ribbing of silver or anti-profane equivalent)
1 Dagger (silvered, or with some anti-profane equivalent)
1 Buckler Shield

If interested in taking one or more parts of the commission, send word to
Quince Jain. Can often be found in Mutajara, Folset, the Reiklands, the North,
Verseiva, Florentia... ...Just leave location of smithy and I'll get back to you.



The Silent One
Lore Team
A reply would be set near the poster, and a letter to follow.

Forgemaster Umaroth of the Golden Dawn shall take upon your request, visit the forge of the Reik within the Highmeadow square to discuss pricing. The smith will take the task of all requested items should this suit the buyer.

The note would be stamped with the forge's sigil.



Danakovian Lord
A response would be left by Calemvir after eventually noticing the request.
If you still need these smithed, I'd be willing to do all of it. If you find the time, visit me at Tyr'varune or the Reiklands library.

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