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After Od left Coizela lands, Ravenna moved toward the steps of the keep to her quarters to write up a letter to the Rei and to decide what she wanted to do now that she was aware of a foolish kid who wanted into the cursed forest within the confines of the lands she oversaw. And as she wrote her letter and thought of orders she wanted to enact as a solution to the risk that came with the foolish child's request being declined. So the duquesa thought on it a long while before a wicked grin appeared on her face. She'd use the request against him to her advantage in this case and make it harder to go around her decision. So she penned her letter and made haste out to the barracks to make her orders to her men.

Once she got there, many of the men tensed up and saluted her, at attention as she looked between them with her crimson gaze. They knew that look a mile away, the look she had when she was about to give them orders or something to do. So the vallah called out firmly to her men, her tone holding the authority she possessed in this part of the kingdom. "Men, I have a job for you this evening that shall go into effect immediately. There are patrols around the forest's edge to keep unwanted people from just wandering into its border all willy-nilly. But today, I am doubling the patrol times with twice the men of the original patrol, so that there's enough people for two levels of patrols. Keep your eyes peeled for a black-coated leonin child named Od, a brunette bearded Konig Avel Maddoc, a slanderous orc chieftain, Vultog, and Queen of Folset, Ishani de Noctis. Only Queen de Noctis may go in if she wishes, but inform her that it's not recommended. There's the possibility of others coming with them, so watch closely for all of them. Here's physical descriptions of all of them, as I have met all of the people I mention." And she handed out papers to the guards to distribute to the rest of them, so everyone knew what to look for in the coming septs. "This group is to be turned away. The Leonin was told not to touch the forest, so if he is found, he is to be arrested and brought to the keep for trespassing. Anyone who refuses to leave will also be arrested, but the leonin child knows better than the rest. Tighten up the patrols as much as you can. We can't let anyone past it whatsoever. They will go with permission or not go at all, am I understood?"

And then her letter was sent out to the castle of the capital immediately, escorted by a guarded courier that wore black, white, and green, the colors of Coizela and D'Caligo. It was to be hand-delivered to the Rei to ensure that it made it to him. The letter was sealed with green wax, with the sigil of Coizela stamped into it firmly. It was written in well-practiced Valois, being of Ravenna's handwriting personally and signed. And it read:

Rei de Verseiva, Joao de Tavora,

A small yet foolish leonin child decided to come to my keep to ask for permission into the forest under my watch recently, and I told him no under the circumstances that it was very dangerous and he wasn't going to make it out of there alive due to his young naiveness. He doesn't know what death is because he hasn't died yet, so I am being kind in not allowing him passage into it. He wanted to bring a group with him, so I am doubling the patrols around the forest to keep them out better. His name is Od and he wanted to bring Konig Maddoc, Queen de Noctis, Chieftain Vultog, ArchDruid Aelingali, and potentially others. So I have informed my guards to watch for those I have seen of the group to better catch them. Should Queen de Noctis wish to see the forest, she'll be allowed only as she would know this forest as well as myself. But the rest of their party- my guards have been ordered to turn them away and arrest those who stick around. But the child- he will be arrested if caught because he was told to leave the forest alone personally and that he would be charged if caught. Should anything happen, I'll be sure to follow up with a report to you immediately for orders as to how you wish this to be handled. But for now, this letter is to inform you of what is going on over in the this forest in the case something happens. They were wanting to find a Grandfather Ash tree in the forest to make a wish, for the record. Feel free to forward any questions or concerns to Coizela should you have any regarding this; this is merely an update. Thank you for your time, Your Majesty.

Duquesa de Norteira
Condessa de Coizela

The letter and orders are not common knowledge, but should someone try to enter the forest by Coizela, these orders will go into effect upon them. It will make it harder for people to enter or leave the forest in general, since there will be higher patrols around the forest's edge. Guards are ordered with keeping people out of the forest and arresting people who refuse to obey their orders to leave, except for Od, who is to be arrested if caught entering/leaving the forest unauthorized to be there. Ishani is exempt from this ruling along with Verseivan nobility.]

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