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It was an early morning in Lisela, and there was so much planned for the day ahead of them. The weather was rather nice for the occasion, even though it was to take place within the shelter of the cozy little church. Preparations had been planned for such a long time, leading up to this day, and it was finally there. Those who were invited or showed up gathered in the church pews, all dressed up formally as they awaited the ceremony to take place. The priestess, Anamaria Dominica, was dressed up quite nicely in special robes as she stood at the front of the gathering at the podium with a book of Florentian Faith scripture and maybe a speech she'd written for this day. So the scene was set up and in place, the groom, Leon Renoux, standing by the priestess as he was probably nervous and happy about the occasion that was upon them. Poor fellow had never gotten married before and he was probably hoping to get it right without letting his nerves show too much. He had an image to uphold or he'd be handing more things over to his family to tease him about for quite a while to come. But meanwhile, Aurélie was preparing for what should be the happiest day of her life. Her dress was of silks and lace with sleeves that ran to her elbows and was almost completely white except the underskirt which only really showed in the front, being a pale green. Fashioned upon her head, she wore an olive green beret with a gold badge upon it with a silk red rose pinned to the side of it. This particular beret belonged to her deceased brother and she used it as a bit of sentiment and symbolism for this day, a way for Jean-Pierre to walk her down the aisle in death. Her hair was up and done up all nice and she wore a gold necklace with a red gem of sorts upon the pendant, so she could bear both the colors of DuPont and Renoux on this day, for both families were her own. She wasn't a DuPont by blood, only by name, which made this marriage much more acceptable since it wouldn't intermingle the two families more than they were already. So after getting her bouquet made from wildflowers from the mesa near Rochelle, she was as ready as she could be. The day had been planned and scheduled for a particular time, when Savina was still pregnant with her twins and the new keep in Rochelle was nearing completion. So accompanied by Olivia DuPont, her honorary sister she'd been blessed to call family, Aurélie DuPont began to walk down the church aisle. Music was played as the pair wandered slowly up to the front of the church, where Olivia moved to join the others after Aura was joined up with Leon. The Florentian knight looked overjoyed to see her but remained silent as he took her hands, stood opposite from her before their priestess. The bridesmaids stood not far behind the bride, being that of the Reine, Coralie Duval, and Princess Rosalie Duval in matching dresses they'd had made. So the ceremony commenced as the priestess spoke out to those gathered within the church and lead them in prayer. Then eventually came the exchanging of vows and rings, which then followed in the 'I do's between the bride and groom. After all was said and done, the newlyweds shared a kiss upon being instructed to and those gathered began to applaud the ceremony's conclusion. The party afterward to follow was that of a rather casual social gathering and congratulating. There was marble wedding cake available to all who wanted a piece along with red wine and lemon tea with lemon madeleines. It was a joyous occasion for any and all who attended it, and it ended up being quite nice overall. And after all was said and done, everyone went home and the mess was cleaned up from the wedding and all. Aurélie had been afraid of having too much wine, which she somehow managed to still do, so the couple wandered on home to Rochelle, taking care not to go to the keep but to the little house Aura had for the night. They'd crash there and wander back to the keep the next day, they knew better than to go back before then. Life went on as normal after the occasion had come to a close and the new day followed, and not much really changed other than Aurélie's surname once again.

Basically, this was to happen back when Savina was still pregnant with the twins. We meant to do an event but schedules just didn't line up OOCly, and this timing made the most sense ICly. This was just meant to make it easier since it wasn't able to be done for quite some time OOCly, which wouldn't make sense ICly. Let me know if any changes should be made if I depicted them incorrectly. Florentian nobility would have been invited + people with roles and what not. If extras want to say they showed up, I don't really care as long as they didn't disrupt anything. Already spoke with Reaper and Fern about this, so tada!


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Claude was notably absent of the affair. Quiet murmurs through Florentian nobility stated he had taken serious illness.


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A hawk showed up nearly in time, making its pedestal and place on a nearby post. As soon as the initial ceremony had been complete though, the hawk flew off back towards Coroa.


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Olivia would have been there to observe the ongoings of the ceremony. She was happy Aurelie finally had some peace and happiness in her life. A slight smile appearing on her features as she noticed the hawk at some point during the happenings.

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