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Please read before accessing the collection sheet.


Hello there all. With the recent public staff meeting which not everyone was able to attend, I have put together a basic and simple data gathering sheet. The plan is to have players be able to anonymously input ideas, suggestions, & complaints about the server.


Basic rules to keep the document civil:-


  • We ask you respect the players / staff that comments may be targeted towards and not reference them by name.

    If comments involve players or staff breaking rules I will seek you out so you can inform me who we need to investigate.

[*]Please keep images & printscreens to a minimum, if taking a picture of an rp; Ensure that all names are thoroughly scribbled out / removed

[*]Please don't be afraid to comment your opinions and issues, this will be put forwards to the staff team after the 10th with some slight editing to standardize comments into an easy to read format.




Tl;dr the google doc is an option to post your opinion on the server anonymously. If you are fine with your name being shared with your view just respond in a comment.


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This is a short version of a post made recently by me, regarding feedback on Aethier as a server and community.
A link to the original post is at the bottom.


It regards several things I have come to notice recently.


1. Player applications.

To me, it seems as if application are accepted too easily. Applications that are quite bad or full with grammatical and spelling mistakes, extremely cliche characters and as if some don't ever bother to actually read the rules.

My suggestion for this is: "Be more strict on applications. Become a bit stricter and you will most likely quickly notice that the players that really want to play remain, and those who come here just because they can will leave again. This will create a better player base instead of an extremely large one, which I believe is for the better. As for the cliche characters. You can't force them to, but you can suggest them to try and be a bit more creative, since that is what you try to promote.


2. Currently generated RP

Currently, the amount of Racism, toxicity, harassment, rudeness and saltiness has come to a point that it negatively affects players to the point they consider leaving. I know a lot of people are like: "Just deal with it in RP" But the problem is, that it already affects players in OOC without people realizing it. If this wasn't the case, I wouldn't have brought it up, but unfortunately, it is.
I currently have no suggestion as of how to deal with this, but I hope that together we can find a way.


3. Vague RP Rules
The current rules for CRP and normal RP are quite vague and unclear
My suggestion: Make a clear rule set for this so that the problem is solved. For CRP, multiple systems can be made, and then make the rule that the participants of the CRP have to choose a system before they start.


4. Staff

Lately, it came to my attention that some staff has been unprofessional. This let to the point that some people left because of it.
My suggestion: Either train the staff in becoming more professional when it comes to these situations, or be more strict on the staff regarding professionalism.


Thank you for reading and listening.
Note, that this is the short version, the long version can be found here [X]

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