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Service Update: 05/07/2019 (1 Viewer)


The Owner and Founder of Aethier
Team Leader
Lore Team
Please note that the following may be added to throughout the day.

The Following Updates Were worked on by:


New Systems have been tested by:
Main Notes:
  • The Ingame Warnings tool has been removed due to its inefficiency. This has been replaced with expanded support for warnings to be issued directly to forum accounts.
    • Litebans is going to continue to be maintained for its Banning functionality, however the current system (plugin) has repeatedly failed to notify players of warnings they are recieving whilst offline.
  • Litebans has been extended to cover the full network and not just the RP server.
  • A security issue has been patched regarding the direct connection ports to the Roleplay Server was actually open. This has now been closed, and hackers can no longer bypass the Proxy server and gain unauthorised access to team accounts.
  • A new bot has been added to help with Audit Trails
  • Alerts have been split into an "Event" and "Announcement" tag. Players may join these tags by using "?rank event" or "?rank announcement" in #bot-commands
    • New players are automatically given these roles when joining the server and instead may Opt out at their discretion.
  • As part of the Automation Project, the Manage Roles permission has been removed from all groups on the Public Discord. All settings are now handled by the Bots.
    • Moderators/Team Leaders can issue Mutes/Unmutes with the "!mute @name" (or !unmute) command as needed.
    • Discord membership must be done via a forums & minesync link. No manual overrides will be made to any Discord Permissions from this point forward to assist with proper operation and synchronisation of ranks.
    • Please report any issues with this system to @*Operations Team
  • Team Permissions for bypassing locked channels have now been removed due to complaints. Team Members will now require permission/the password to enter locked channels.
    • This does not Apply to Operations Team due to administrational/operational control of the server
    • This does not apply to Team Leaders due to escalation Policies.
    • Moderation Team Members can still move people out of locked channels if needed.
  • The forums warning tool has been improved, and now supports automated actions based on warning points and expiry of such. This means that moderation team is now able to automate part of the enforcement system at their discretion.
Bungeecord Proxy:
  • No Changes.
Roleplay Server:
  • Minor Stability Improvements.
  • Dynmap has been altered to remove certain maps from the renderer to prevent spoilers. (Old change, was done due to the Foli Event)
  • Preparation work for the "Waypoint Network" has been done.
Creative Server:
  • No Changes.
Known Issues:
  • [Issue] Infrastructure: Creative server instability has been noted. This is being Investigated by @Ash10744
  • [Bug] Voxelsniper: Player Voxelsniper in Creative World not working in "Trusted" plots and only Owned Plots.
  • [Bug] Ultimatechat: Changing a channel via the channels alias causes their message to send in their previous channel
  • [Bug] CratesPlus: Map items being reset when placed into the Crates and not functioning correctly.
If you have any issues that are NOT listed above, please let us know! There is a possibility that we may have missed things from this update log. If so, we will try to edit in such information later.
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