• Aethier will be updating to 1.14.3 On January 1st 2020. Beta Testing and Map development for the new server will be announced at a later date.

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This Update log is a backlog of recent updates, and does not pertain specifically to things that have changed today!

The Following Updates Were worked on by:

New Systems have been tested by:
Main Notes:
  • Aethiers Primary Web Server software has been changed from Apache2 to Windows IIS with FastCGI.
  • Various performance improvements have been made to the MariaDB Setup.
  • CoreProtect can now properly log messages over 250 characters long, instead of failing due to the prefixing data exceeding the limit of the Database.
  • .schematic files work properly again with the Aethier FAWE upload/download service.
  • Guest chat has been trialled, however has been disabled.
  • Posts made in the forum gallery will now automatically post to the Discord "#arte-chat" channel.
  • All whitelisted users no longer get warned by the bot when posting links in unauthorised channels.
  • The Letter/Word count has been re-added to the editor. You can now choose a setting for it too, as found on the Preferences page
  • Black, and Dark grey have been removed from the custom username colors on the "Shades of Grey" theme as these were unreadable.
  • The forums old editor is now back, complete with Templates, Justify, and Google fonts functionality.
  • Reports now have better prefixes that actually represent the reports
  • Patron4 users can actually set custom titles now.
Bungeecord Proxy:
  • No Changes Made
Roleplay Server:
  • Slight performance improvements made to the Node System.
  • Drop rates for Rare ores has been increased from 5% to 10%
  • Additional Node sites have been added to improve availability to users, and to provide easier in character access to those not on the mainland.
Creative Server:
  • "/FBT" has been enabled for all users in Creative.
Known Issues:
  • The google fonts button on the editor does not load for some people. This will be fixed in the future.
  • There is an unusual 2-3 second delay when trying to do anything on the website. This is being investigated.
If you have any issues that are NOT listed above, please let us know! There is a possibility that we may have missed things from this update log. If so, we will try to edit in such information later.

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