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The Following are a set of public updates that have taken place recently on the Aethier Infrastructure, including a "Coming Soon" list.

Aethier RP Server:
  • Hyperdrive installed and Setup ready for the deployment of Waypoints. The system is online for public use, and can be accessed at any time using /warps
  • "/fbt" has been reactivated for Patron4+, Subscriber and Relevant Teams
  • Subscribers have been given full access to "/fly" early as part of the Early Access Scheme.
  • FAWE has been temporarilly removed and replaced with standard worldedit until a Stable FAWE build is available.
    • FACTION TEAM: Please consult the following to see how to transfer builds between the two servers.
    • Please be advised that Standard worldedit should be used sparingly during peak times, and worldedit performed kept to an absolute minimum to refuce the possibility of crashes from large edits.
    • This version of worldedit is FULLY stable and has no known issues aside being a little slow and running on the main thread, so again, please keep edits reasonable.
  • Optimisation fixes have been implimented to combat the 1.14.4 Lag issues.
  • The dynmap cave layer has been made available (may not be rendered correctly)
  • Playervaults and the storage world have been re-enabled.
    • Please be advised, playervaults are safe to use but may appear empty. Please see the coming soon section for info.
Aethier Creative Server:
  • Plots have been fixed and now generate correctly again
  • Worldedit has been temporarilly locked down to just Faction Team Use as FAWE is not working correctly.

Coming Soon:
  • Patron System Rework
  • The 1.12.2 Server will be loaded up in the next few weeks to allow players to recover items from their old player vaults and to recover old builds if required.

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