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Meanwhile, in the realm of the Divines...

The deity of chaos quietly tapped her fingers upon the cold, alien stone of her stolen throne, resting her face onto an open palm with the other. The battles for the pillars, the mortal deaths and the loss of many lives didn't phase her..much. A tinge of impatience adorned her visage as she sat within the realm of war, countless legions of soldiers under the Goddess of war's command going through portals to the other realms. Though this had been going for a while, some realms were far more resilient then others. It felt like nothing was happening in an infinite amount of time..

And then, progress.

Through two portals-chained down by violet locks were a figure of windy white, and a figure of pure sea blue. Both were tossed harshly onto the ground, their forms scraping against the rough stone and roughing up much like a porcelain floor against the skid mark of a shoe. They said nothing, and didn't even look anywhere but at the ground. A smile curled upon her face.

"Finally. I thought you would never find any of them. We can begin with the third phase with just the two, but I'd rather have the rest."
"That will take a bit more time, the other realms are far more..resistant to my attacks."
"And what about the King of Heroes? He should be easy considering the state you put him in."

Her steel hand clenched in petty resistance, but the magics feeding upon her doubt and anger forced obedience from the fallen Goddess. "His realm is no longer connected. I suspect the Balancekeeper has scrambled its location to stop us in an effort to slow us down."
She seemed to almost chuckle at that, sitting up slightly as she looked to the possessed Deity. "He seems so..lethargic in responding to us. I suspect he has a plan to assist the mortals in a way I cannot predict, but I suppose that is the curse between us. We cannot tell the actions of the other in the conventional sense of the word.."

She seemed to trail off, quieting as she pondered deep in thought. Eventually, she stopped tapping her fingers, looking to the Deity dismissively as she waved her servants to step forwards.
"That will be all-."
"And what about us?" The Dark elf interrupted, patting himself down as he placed his top hat back onto his matted silver hair. "Arius over here is completely out of commission-that Shaman did more then a number to him, and I have an angry vixen hell bent on flaying me alive harder then you threatened to take my soul. We aren't exactly in the best of circumstances, "Your Grace", and were running out of delaying tactics. Even the barrier is barely holding up anymore, and-"

"Silence.." The room paused for a moment, before she spoke once more. "I know all of these things already, but that's exactly what they are. Delays. While the mortals believe their cause just and working, I have been finishing the final pillar, one that they will be able to call our true home back from the brink. Arius here is in no physical danger-I can make him strong enough to get the vengeance that fills his comatose head. As for your..vixen, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Dalton..perhaps you should have treated her better, hmm?" She sarcastically said, looking to him in an almost playful way.
"The worst she will do is yell and scream-and besides." She lifted up her palm, revealing a plain white soul within it. Dalton cringed at the sight.
"Yeah yeah..no need to wave it around like a lollipop. I get the picture."
"Good. Then we will further reinforce the remaining pillars to delay them as best we can until we get the rest of them, if not most, so until then-"

Another being appeared, one different from the rest. Wearing a Black dress, black skin and a single red eye, she bowed to the deity of chaos for a moment.

She seemed perplexed that one of her own would enter to interrupt her, but waited. Surely she had a reason for coming?

"My lady..I believe I have found a weakness to break one of our enemies leaders." She presented a single wedding band, that of the Jarl Hilda.

Gently, the Goddess took it, and examined it. Her eyes glew for a moment, before a devilish grin perked upon her lips, and she handed it back to the woman.
"Good. Thank you for this. I don't need the band, however you have gifted me with memories I can use quite..effectively."

The lady gave a silent bow, disappearing once more. In her place, a strange creature, much like a deformed imp appeared, coming forth toward her.

"And what do you plan to do with that?" The dark elf asked.
She placed a single finger onto its forehead, as the memories of Gabriel in perfect detail filled it. The being twitched and came to life, it's form shifting into the perfect copy of the long lost man.
"Oh. Gross."

And then its violet eyes opened.

The second ability of all Divinity users has unlocked once again. All areas where the pillars are broken and will be broken have the terrible weather effects no longer affecting them.
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