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SneksAreTheBest's Teamspeak Appeal (1 Viewer)

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This is such an odd time for this, considering all of the talking being done about the Moderation team. Nonetheless, it's been a month, so I don't know when else I'd do this.

I'm not good at TeamSpeak, plain and simple. Over the past month, I've learned to control my first impulse to type, and have often typed out angry and rude sentences on the type box only to press escape instead of entering and have it deleted into the void. This gets out all of my frustration without me being rude or disrespectful. I can't do that in Teamspeak. My words are out there, and they're permanent.

This is why I will not be using a microphone for a month if this appeal is accepted. If the Mod team decides to have me on mute, that's easier, but either way, I will not be using verbal words. I will be typing on TeamSpeak only, except in specific situations (like if I and a friend are the only people and we're talking about memes or something).

To anyone, and I can't even remember who because I probably have hurt many with my words, I have a bitter tongue and sarcastic tone, to anyone who has been hurt by my words on Teamspeak. I am so sorry. I hope that my last month on the server has shown that I am doing my best to be more respectful and kind. I don't quite know, not many have spoken to me about it.

I actually don't really know what to say, I just feel bad and have a lot of personal limits that I'm currently trying to set. Less swearing, less shouting, that stuff. Hence why I'm not gonna be speaking on TS. This appeal might not even be accepted, I'm not quite sure. But if it is, I promise that I will be better.


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I've gone ahead and unbanned you from teamspeak (Or at the very least, what it said was your account.) If you have troubles getting on teamspeak please PM me and let me know. Welcome back to TS, feel free to monitor yourself how you feel, if you want to speak then go ahead, if you want to be muted then go for it. If you have any issues at all or anything don't be afraid to tell me.

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