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People Of Mandaraz,

I am declaring a state of emergency. The province is under attack by the Rahktari Horde. Tikhameru has been
captured. Until further notice, the city of Mutajara is under marshal law. One Cohort of Wardens will
eventually ride for Tikhameru, but the rest of our forces will keep the city. You shall not be
left undefended. Any and all violations of Ka'ath will be dealt with harshly.

Emir Dahan
This notice is distributed throughout the Azaharr Province and neighboring regions. Tikhameru is now an Event Zone. The NPC Forces of Mutajara have grown more rigid, with law-enforcement growing more draconian. Citizens are not allowed to come and go as they wish, and travel is severely restricted.



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Word of her friend's affairs reaches through the sandstorm by way of couriers and a letter now resting on her desk as she prepares to fly across bay and sand to meet with Garai. The elves of the desert are her kin in a way, after all.. The sands have been fought over many times, and in those times had she stood idle. No more. At this rate in her studies of the arcane bring her faster than sending a note in reply, and as Ciyera gathers what she will need for this endeavor, she scrawls behind a note for her children and Sigal, should he come looking for her at the keep. From one of the great balconies of the keep does the woman start to take off, armed with a crackling aura and her favored staff. The flight is, largely, uneventful.. until she starts to near the opposing shore and the great wall of thrown up earth looms ahead. "...Gods... even if you do not answer my payers, answer theirs... ...for they do not deserve the troubles wrought upon them.." A muttered plea of hope as the elemental mage faces the storm, lingering a moment.. And it passes as quietly as it came. The woman pulls a scarf over her features and disappears into the clouds of sand.

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There was silence. No response so far from the letter announcing regency, though a guarded escort soon found itself outside of Mutajara. Florentian colors, Florentian folk.
If allowed in, the courier in specific would give a letter to a man named Garai, sealed with a wax stamp bearing the coat of arms of Artorius. The letter read as following.

Over ten thousand Florentian men are being raised and equipped as you read this letter, and soon they will march south to aid you in these times of trouble. Our peoples have had trouble in the past, but hopefully this is to burying a hatchet. We will talk more once we arrive. As well, in reference of your letter sent to me upon my appointment, I do indeed remember who you are. I have not forgotten my time with a man known as Captain Edgar Carrion.
Until we meet,
Thaddeus Artorius.

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Kemetic Aesthetic
Duke Artorius's messengers are received with suspicious glances and concerned expressions, but the Emir disregards thee whispers. He has faith in his Goddess, and faith that the Florentians do not herald the doom of Mandaraz. The age of Ta'shar has long come to pass. Things are different now.

"I will ride out to meet Duke Artorius," says Emir Dahan to the messengers. "We fight a crafty foe, knowledgeable in dark rituals and the ways of war. He should know what he's getting himself into."

With a small entourage of soldiers, he rides North. As the horsemen vanish into the dunes, the Emir's thoughts drift to Captain Carrion, and the battles they'd fought together. He grips the trident-shaped amulet that hangs around his neck... and sets a course for the Duke's demesne.

Garai agrees to meet with Duke Artorius at a location of his choice. RP can be done in-game or through the forum. Just let me know.


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