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The Alliance of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Sinnehliv, Ogres, Emever, and Mermaids (1 Viewer)



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Benon sees this in his mail when he is walked out of the prison, and thinks. He writes:

It'll be a good pleasure for this jester to meet you.

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"The Emever are not of a house or kingdom, We are a collection of what we used to be, With that, we will not be joining any alliance. We offer no hostilities, but we have no interest in dealing with your long wars and your encounters with fighting, We continue to welcome those to our island but we will harshly deal with them if they desecrate our homeland, We apologize for any inconvenience but understand our people are small, and we've no interest in alliances anymore"


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Althalos Maernis, Standing Lord and Representative of Fort Katherine/ House Quintus.

A wax seal is placed upon the dryed leather parchment baring the symbol of Quintus

Fort Katherine and her loyalties will abstain from the collective alliance and as such will remain a third party presence with no invocation of action or neutrality. With all stated above we heavily indicate no action nor offense, be misconstrued with our reluctance to such a proposition or treaty.

In good favors and god's blessings.

~ Althalos Maernis.

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Overlooking the letter from her current departure in the Northern lands she glances towards Landir. The Highlander merely grunts before motioning for her to read the letter. After doing so, he only laughed and would motion to the lands around him.

"What 'King' of half-blood has the power to rule this? What Alliance dares to try and calm nature herself? If ye ask me, I believe- No...I KNOW... that none of ye could /ever/ come under one banner without total war, aye. Ye are as savage and vicious as us Northernmen when it comes tae freedom, but ye do it through corrupt backwards ways. You southerners and your petty squabbles of power, greed, and lust. Bloody hell...good thing we got out of that damned place."

"Indeed, I'm rather concerned however for how things may prosper back in civilization. And- If they will try and come to take these lands. I don't wish to see you nor your tribe harmed." The young High Elf said, moving the scarf across her face down.

"Wish to see what happens to men and women who try to conquer the North? Take a good long look at the ice peaks and snows. Aye, lass, there may be more than one person buried underneath it. Now- Enough talk of old worries. For now... you're here to take a break, aye?"

"Of course. ..And to teach you how to finally read. Damned brutish fool." She shared a laugh with him before they continued to the nearest Agmundrian settlement.

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