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The Zealot Solarii


"Not something anyone should enjoy, having a curse.. Though it is Sol's job to forgive the worthy accursed folk, it is my job to send them to His door. May the fire burn bright."

Name: Ludwig Godfrey Arden
Meaning of Name: Beautiful War
Nicknames: Ketzerjager, Saint
Titles: Knight-Kommandant, Reiksritter
Birthday: Not consciously known
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Martial Status: Single
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Heilig-Hestark Imperial
Age: 33 (Around)
Age Appearance: 40
Voice: Solaire of Astora
Height: 6'9"
Weight: He's not fat, I swear
Build: Juggernaut
Hair: Golden (Formerly brown)
Eyes: Golden (Formerly blue)
Skin: Tan (Formerly pale)
Scars: Too many
Traits: Big stronk, big tall
Attire: Unpolished, heavy platemaile
Hygiene: A bath a month

Full credit to @Kumakira for this great ass work.


Solarii: Ludwig has been nothing but a Solarii his whole entire life, starting around the age of 10. He was a big lad even then, and was known to split wood in one stroke by the age of fourteen. One day, a few haphazard undead wandering from their grave mind found themselves upon the young Ludwig. Of course, naturally, he was scared out of his boots. With his eyes closed, and his hands shaking he swung the wood-cutter's axe directly into the head of the first one. SMASH! It plummeted through the rotten skull and sent the frail thing tumbling. Of course, Ludwig didn't have much time to revel in such as he ran to the local guardsman. However a small feat, it was what set him on the path he is today - A monstrous, zealot Solarii who wants nothing but the hope of young men and women alike to have no fear against the dark forces that so wring our lives to this day.

Personal Alignment: Lawful Chaotic

Political Alignment: Whatever Sigmar says

Zealot: The Solarii often finds himself being unstoppable in his sense of purpose and reason, this being to serve his Reiksheer and appease his God to the best and upmost of his ability at all times.
Blunt: He often doesn't know when to crack a joke, or when there's no reason to crack a joke. You can always rely on the Solarii to give you the upmost truth, or to absolutely spoil a moment.
Ignorant: What he doesn't want to know, he shall not know. If you attempt to tell him something he doesn't wish to hear, you'll find yourself on the wrong end of the sword.
Zealot: Faithful, he is, non-violent he is not. If you are a heretic, or are a physical threat to the Reiksheer and he's the ability to stop you? There shall be nothing but death that will stop him in his conquest.

- Touch Sol's Hand before death
- Die while the Sun is out
- Find a wife
- Have children

- Dying while the Moon is above
- Women who are in love with him
- The dark side of the moon

- Warm things over cold things
- Hestark women over any other type of woman

- The color gold
- Hestark women
- Days without clouds
- The Sun

- Heretics
- Cowards
- Deserters(Form of cowardice)
- Bitter foods
- Women who lead him on
- Elves
- Syrien
- Orcs
- Anything else that isn't human
- The moon

Family Tree: Farmers who died in the changing of the worlds.

Birthplace: The Citadel of Man

Hometown: The Citadel of Man

Current Residence: Reiksheer camp

- Common
- Heilig
- Elven
- Orcish

Knight-Kommandant of the Reiksheer
- One of the head officers of the Reiksheer, he's tasked with upholding his Lord-General's orders to the absolute maximum possibility.

Credits to @Coffee for this brilliant art of Ludwig. I'm so greatful..

Brother of Arms 101% | Loved 100-90% | Greatest Friends 89-80% | Friends 79-70% | Liked 69-60% | Neutral 59-40% | Disliked 39-30% | Hated 29-20% | Despised 19-0%
Name: Sigmund var Kolchrave @LordOfTheDank
Percentage: 101%
Relation: "Mein Lord-General."
Quote: "If you do not wish me to make mincemeat of them, mein Lord-General, then I shall not."
In-depth: Sigmund is the only mortal man that Ludwig would, no doubt, follow if all hell broke loose. He's allowed Ludwig to live a Solarii's life, and is one of the few men who he can truly say upholds the greatest of the Reiksheer's doctrines, let alone his own personal Solarii ones. He shall never stop following Sigmund, not even if death befalls one of them.

Name: Halford Grey @Monch

Percentage: 85%
Relation: Trusted friend
Quote: "You best stop talking about my sexual life, Oberleutnant - I'll get one, someday."
In-depth: Oberleutnant Grey has always been someone who he's respect, both as a friend and a fellow Soldat. He puts trust into Grey, more than he'd care to admit.

Name: Khadijah Mahadi @Abivi
Percentage: 85%
Relation: Old friend
Quote: "I am the strongest human, don't you forget it! You can't fool me with your magic-pumped muscles..! Hahaha!"
In-depth: There's always been a wonderful rivalry of physical strength between the two, Ludwig always personally thinking himself to be the greatest of natural stature in strength. But through this, he's formed a great bond with the Desert-Elf. A great one indeed.

Name: Sascha of Rothburg @Ambrosia
Percentage: 79%
Relation: New Soldat, Friend
Quote: “I told you if we ended up grappling, I’d fall and break one of your ribs..”
In-depth: Ludwig was in the Spirit Isles, and mistook Sascha to be both a man and under Bolerian rule. Having been wrong of both, he found her to be someone he enjoys spending time with no matter how much money he has to shell out.

Name: Sigmar-Asmodeus Amador @Hugh
Percentage: 75%
Relation: Future Kurfurst
Quote: "You don't like my jokes, do you Sigmar?"
In-depth: The future Kurfurst of the Reiksheer, I'd argue Ludwig's one of the biggest Amadorian followers out there. He's high hopes for the new leader, far greater than that of the previous Konig.

Name: Lola Annex @Pandamainia
Percentage: 69%
Relation: Young Frau
Quote: "Don't be ashamed of scars, embrace them - Live out their memory, until the work of them weights more than the pride of them. Only then, is it best to let them go."
In-Depth: The young Frau took notice of the Solarii, and wished to know of the real world. Thus the Solarii took it upon himself to help her in such a quest, telling her of the Heilig way.

Name: Helena von Argue @Kenophobia
Percentage: 65%
Relation: Used to be knighted under her father
Quote: "I forgive you, so long as you understand the plights that are Vallah."
In-depth: Ludwig absolutely despised Helena at one point, though by sheer force of will did he not strike her down in person. However, once she apologized and gave him the closure he needed, he had grown soft-hearted and forgave her. Now he respects the young woman and sees her in a good light.

Name: Lucien Dumond @Cat956
Percentage: 60%
Relation: Alchemist, Overall nice guy
Quote: "I've no idea what any of those animals are, Herr.. It'd be best if you stick to the names, and alchemical needed."
In-depth: He didn't know much of Lucien, though he does know the Amadorian Sigmar trusts him. Therefore, Solarii trusts him all the same. Not to mention, he's to help the Solarii with an alchemy concoction that shall surely help Ludwig in the long run.

Name: Friedrich Amador @Bones_Apart
Percentage: 50%
Relation: Hauptmann
Quote: "I don't wish to bicker with you, Friedrich. We both are Reikman, and I both see us going far - Either apart, or together." ("Together, apes strong" - Hugh)
In-depth: The old Soldatten brother of Ludwig. They've grown distant, by Friedrich's want and desire to push the Solarii away. He's accepted this, finally, and shall have to live with it.

Name: Carlos de Tavora @Dlugonos
Percentage: 39%
Relation: You're a Tavora
Quote: "I smell an old man who's quite near the age of pissing himself."
In-depth: He's made a minor pact with the man, though let it be clear - He doesn't like Carlos, or any Tavora for that matter. And that's that.

Name: Avel Maddoc @ZooGarrus
Percentage: 20%
Past Konig
Quote: "For what it's worth, I'm sorry." "On second thought, no, I'm not."
In-depth: The Solarii used to be a Knight under the old Konig, a proud one at that. However with Avel's rule falling to dust, the Kommandant felt guilty for his actions upon siding with the Amadorians. However, with his attitude towards it.. And blatant rudeness to their attempts at a civil trial.. He cannot be help but purse his lips, hiding a scoff.
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