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The Calvaian Society has gone through many changes but has simplified its self down to "Calv Society" or just "Calv". Seeking out knowledge they collect and write books. Founded by Nufai Rex Axclev from the elf city of Luniath with five original members. Starting from a underground laboratory in fear of judgment from others due to their lack of restraint on their research material they bore cloaks that resembled Nufai's, which he wore a Skull on his shoulder of his long lost teacher representing the protection of knowledge. This was to hide their appearances along with code names which after the finding of their laboratory and being hunted down they lost their code names and escaped to the freezing north island later named after the founders last name Axclev, along with their new home.A tower that served as their library later forming a small settlement thriving off of the selling of stone for construction to houses from their quarry. Protected by a mixture of sea and spikes of ice, with the only ship capable of sailing the frozen waters they remained both neutral and safe.As wars raged on they collected the homeless, their main recruitment being adoption leading to most Calv sharing the same last name becoming more of a family. Orphans filled their libraries learning and thriving, the tower heated they lived in comfort.Soon they found themselves once more on the edge of conflict, a slaughter. A vallah lord named Phaeron has decorated the tower with the corpses of the Calv, pinning them against the wall like ornaments. When Nufai refused to leave along with the other Calv he was forced into servitude in fear that more harm would come to his family. Warding off all who ventured onto the island he simply remained silent and kept the event secret, having his most loyal members such as Dylan and Alcorian clean the tower. When the vallah lord was defeated and never returned to the tower the Calv returned to their neutral state being more open about past events.Adopted son of Nufai, Henry took charge but soon after vanished in a rage against his father for interfering too much in his own leadership.Finally taking a side when more Calv were found dead in the Black Laboratories they choose to assist the rest of the world against the Black Council in rage. As things grew dark and hope was lost, retreating with Erika and the rest of the population they came to a new world. Having to leave behind their long collection and honored dead. Lost to the sands of time and spread thin the remnants of the Calv faded into history until called upon by Adeste to regather intelligence. They now seek to expand their grasp once more gathering their normal recruits being homeless travelers and those who have a desire to learn.

Their time in the fortress of Amdol'Surath was simple collectors of literature, this is the time when they regathered all their books and began teaching once again. Little was done to learn for there was so much to teach the new minds that missed a worlds worth of knowledge, along with a young prince Bael to convert to a Calv Demon to prepare him for a life of politics.  As Adeste slowly faded their library hall fell silent.  Nufai was growing old due to him being Human once more.  It was only a matter of time until the Calv found him dead at his desk, most had come to see it for themselves simply to find his body without a head nor spine.  To any of the older Calvian members knew, someone had taken the old mans bones for their own cloak.


The Last of the Calvian Demon Projects, Bael had been raised by many tutors and teachers, in an attempt to make a more politically rounded figure. Nufai attempted all he could on the boy, and Bael spent most of his time reading Calvian History in the library of the former Amdol'Surath. When the death of Nufai Axclev had been announced, Bael returned home to find his corpse dismembered, the head and spin removed, and blood spilling over the old man's desk floors, missing his robes. Bael painstakingly moved the body, books, and other materials to Cordelia, where he waited until he received an offer from Lord Emmeline Hollowgale, one of the former supporters of the Calvian Society, to potentially house the society in the North.

Bael traveled to the northern city of Laru'lael, it's snow-packed grounds were bustling with the work of many, including lumberers, miners, smiths, hunters. Invited into the home of the Jarl, Bael and Jarl Emmeline hammered out new plans for the society, in an attempt to truly rebirth it and bring it to it's former glory.

The Calvian are now renowned for having the largest library in Aversia, many books transferred from Aversus with it's keepers. It is said that if one was seeking knowledge on a wide breadth of topics, the Calvian Society would be the place to turn.


As the society worked an accident had occurred, leaving Bael without his memories.  For this he could no longer lead the Calv and it slowly fell to time once again.


Henry Axclev, always keeping an ear out for rumors had returned at the word of both his fathers death and the loss of Bael's memory.  A chance to take back the Calv without Nufai whispering in his ear or Bael already in the Head Masters seat.  Henry Axclev now runs several Calv Libraries in multiple towns, bringing a new number to their collection of books.


Henry later on challenges Arturya but is defeated and accepts her as his new master, the calv make their home a facility under Nazankha.​

There they kept to themselves raising and collecting orphans reopening the Calv Demon project.  Henry slowly prepares for the future.​


At the end of a great war that had risen in the time of turmoil, Kamarus had escaped Nazankha in their massive airship but as they would leave​

Henry would order what was left of the soldiers and his calv to seize Nazankha for the Calv.​

If the imperials do not stomp out the Calv rising henry plans to make the Calv well known once again, expanding his members and their knowledge.​





Head Master
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The Head Master is the Ceremonial and Political figurehead of the Calvian Society. They are the one solely responsible for the society's well being as well as the maintenance of the books in the Library. The duty of choosing the newest Calvian Demons falls upon the Head Master's shoulders as they are to pick who they believe is most worthy in succession. The Head Master wear either their own personalized cloak or the previous Head Masters cloak.

Calv Demon
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The Calv Demon Project was one of great pride within the faction. They are chosen by the Head Master as successors in the inevitable downfall of the leader. They are highly respected within the faction, nearly as much as the Head Master. The Calv Demon's are commonly raised from birth, and trained in the arts of Combat, Temperance, Reading, Writing, Politics, and History. When they come of age, they often serve as protectors of the library and to the other projects of the Calvian Society. They wear black robes, lined with a garnet trim, to show that they are next in the line of succession. This however does not mean that all successors must be drawn from the Calv Demon, as successors may also be willed in by choice of the Head Master from the Scholar branch of the society. Not all Calv Demons are raised from birth either, but most are raised into the society from an incredibly young age.

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The main rank of the society, the Scholar is granted the position after doing some task for the society. This can be nearly anything, ranging from collecting ancient tomes, to preserving great beasts for the society to study. Scholars may be seen with their black robes, which are lined with a bright orange. The Orange Cross is found at the center of the society's flag, so the orange on the robe is to represent being the center of the Calv, the people that are required to make the society function.

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The Student is the introductory level of the Calvian society. This is the level where Scholars and other full members of the society take upon an apprentice, and show them the way into the doors of knowledge. Students do not receive robes until the prove themselves and become Scholars.



Cloaks and Bones

The cloak has a long history and importance in the Calv Society, it is to present his stature as a Calvian.  Only required for meetings many in the past wear them for their all time outfit.  The bones that are worn on the attire often depict their knowledge as a Calv, the more bones the more they have learned.  However that is not always true for even past leaders kept to the original Skull Shoulder guard.​


Skull Shoulder-pad

The Skull shoulder-pad was the original decor of the Calv to show their protection over knowledge​

"As the Skull protects the mind, we shall protect knowledge"



A spinal cord was originally put in place to hold the ribs of the Calv Demon cloaks in place but has​

grown into the meaning of connections and being one with the society​

"We are the bridge between Mind and Body"



The ribs were to merge tradition with defense, designed to be used for armor around​

a Calv Demons cloak it has become a representation of the protection of the body​

"To protect our insides, to protect our society"


Humerus, Ulna, Radius

Bones from the arms could be cased in metal to make arm guards or simply for ​

a intimidation tactic but the meaning of these bones often stand for direct control​

and is often used by Calv Demons who prefer fist to fist combat​

"With our hands we shall turn the page to the next chapter of life"
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Simply Marvelous, I can't wait to see this reappear after such a long time, what a coincidence I had returned to this rebirth.


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