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The world moves on around the Grove as it always does. Time passes as the mammals age and live and die, but the Sinnehliv remain. Hasty people, the lot of them. Frustrating. But now, history repeats and Snowheart is wise enough to see the need for haste. Locking himself within Sylvamar, Snowheart begins to train the Tui'leere under an extremely harsh regime. Every Sinnehliv whether male or female-type, sprout or mature, is trained in the art of war and death.

"A Grove of Wardens we will become. See to it, Máhan."

"Yes, Grand Warden, as you desire."

"We will show them Morto's side of the Cycle. Arvora will guide her land, may Morto guide our arrows."

Spending the many months they have, every Tui'leere is trained in the use of the bow and the falx until proficient, before learning to use a francisca axe as a sidearm. The existing Wardens remain on their patrols, but their shifts are shortened and rotations made more often to allow for longer training sessions, which are made mandatory daily, even for the common Grove members. The carpenters and fletchers are the only ones exempt as they are required to create more hafts, handles, and bows, given material and pay directly from Snowheart.

Few people would describe Snowheart as a compassionate teacher. Effective, certainly. Many of his siblings take well to it or can endure it enough, but there are always some who require a more gentle regime. Máhan sees to these ones, as a senior Warden. Gradually, the entire Tui'leere Grove learns from the two warriors how to defend themselves, with the regular Wardens helping and teaching as needed. Advanced students are sent to Snowheart to learn from him, as the Ancient of the Grove.

Training includes teaching in the art of stealth. Something every Tui'leere already excels at, but Snowheart shows them how to adapt it for use in combat. The set-up and execution of traps and trickery. The tactics of warfare and how to manipulate the environment to defeat the enemy before the use of force is needed. Those who progress best at stealth are taught how to infiltrate camps and to poison water supplies using the local plants. Scouts and 'baiters' are trained and taught how to lead enemy forces into unwelcoming terrain or traps. Hit and run tactics, but also frontline approaches are taught to everyone equally.

"Today you learn your Songs and Calls. Mockingbird. Parrot. Crow. Sparrow. Eagle. Alarm, Contact, Flight Calls. You will all learn every single one of these until you master them. If you cannot communicate with your Branch, you are not worthy of the privilege to defend your Grove."

The jungle comes to life with the sound of birds, natural and Sinnehliv mimicry. Often, the final test of a Warden is their mastery of bird calls. Few mammalian ears have heard these songs, and many who do never learn what they truly are, or how a Warden always finds them. The jungle keeps its secrets, and the Wardens keep its safety.

"You are all Wardens now. I expect you all to behave as such. All Tui'leere are equal, but now you share the title and the knowledge of your brothers. You are the law of the jungle, the will of the earth. The wrath of nature herself. Abuse this, and be uprooted. Channel this, and be valiant."

A battalion is made and trained of those who show the most promise, supported by a large number of existing Wardens. This group is dubbed the "First Root Battalion." Given armour in the form of brigandine and Aspis shields with spears and Franciscas, they are trained as heavy infantry or shock troops. Taught more conventional mammalian methods of warfare, they are to be the units lead into battle against the forces of Sterk and Foli on the mainland, leaving the rest to protect the Grove. Snowheart focuses most on these Wardens, leaving the others to Máhan.

"You know this jungle like yourself. It sings to you, and you to it. Listen to it, let it tell you where to fight. Mammals and these gods and their soldiers have not pierced this land before. They do not know our silent wrath yet. Nature demands the invasive species dies. Show them the Cycle! Be the Cycle!"

Finally, Snowheart spends a good deal of time teaching his men and also the Luk'mali Braves about the pantheon and everything he knows about how they interact with the physical realm. He teaches them everything he knows from watching Sterk fight Vindicus last world. What he's seen the gods do while present in the realm. He teaches them as best he can how to fight one, and what to expect. Mostly to expect the unexpected, being gods of war and trickery. The nature of their physical forms and the relation they have to creation and what he understands to be the powers that link them to existence. Everything he knows about Foli, which has become a great deal through Spinners exploits. He warns them about the release of souls powering Foli, and possibly any other nearby god.

"Every death gives our enemy what they want. If you have a choice of dying to kill an enemy, or running to regroup, I expect you to break away for a moment. Work with eachother. Support your brothers and sisters. Watch for signals, and know that retreat is a tactic and not a weakness."

"Our Elder will not be with us on Sylvamar. His omniscience will not be present to guide us should we see battle. Those who rely on his commands are weak and will wither. Find your instinct. Use it! Let it lead you, but also find strength in the knowledge of the Wardens around you. If you find an enemy, inform your Branch. Information is key in a jungle war. Ask your senior Wardens, they know."

"Focus on the minions and the knights of Sterk. Avoid any Avatars if you can, but know that they can be harmed. I've seen it a few times now, but it was usually another god or the Void. The chances of you harming one is very low, but I don't think hopeless. But again, avoid them if you can, attack them if you must."

Snowheart spends his own time practicing his magic. Commanding the jungle has become second nature by now, as Elder of the Grove. Nevertheless, he works on his spells anyways. Sylvamar is reorganized, Onyxwoods moving to the shorelines and the Iron-Souls to Lóna. Slowly, even the jungle starts to change it's song to one of war and anger. The sun is fading, and it has suffered too many attacks on nature and the Cycle. The trees with good hearts begin to grow restless, waiting for a chance to end life that does not belong. The trees with bad hearts are placed along the borders, where they will serve best.

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Sylvamar is ready for war. Should Foli break through to Tui'leere land, the land will be waiting. The people hidden within it will be prepared.

The Sinnehliv will march to war.

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